Help Daffa and his Sister to Continue Further Study

Help Daffa and his Sister to Continue Further Study

From Daffa Elang Satria

i'm raising money to pay my tuition fees, living cost, insurance, foods and daily supply during my stay in Australia along with the college preparation study need for my sister as well.

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So this is the full story of him

Currently Daffa lives with his single parent mother and his younger sister named Naya in Yogyakarta city, Indonesia. Daffa was graduated from High School in 2019, after graduated he decided to attend university entry exam, he has already prepared all the material and just wait for the exam to be run, but unfortunately because of financial problem and disinformation that caused lack of data to fulfill the requirements to enrol his entry exam, Daffa was be avowed eliminated before he starting his exam and fail to achieve his dream to continuing further study in university.

But Daffa did not give up and he is willing to learn more and he immediately start to looking for a free course around a city to increase his knowledge and then he got this free English language training which is held by the regional government named Balai Latihan Kerja (Work Training Center) to filling his spare time and wait for the next year university entry exam, after 1 month learning he directed to get a job training in Prambanan Temple as a Beginner Tourist Guide, in Prambanan he learned a lot about how to communicate with various visitors, how to build connection in a good manner to the guests, giving an appropriate information for the guest and so much more taught by the Local Senior Guide.

After working in Prambanan for almost 6 months, Daffa decided to quit from his job and prepared a study for his 2020 university entry exam intensively for 5 month, he did does a quite a job to fulfill the requirement so that he did not make another same mistake as well, after attend his entry exam he felt relieved and just wait for the announcement, when the result day has come, he felt nothing but nervous and wondered is he pass the exam or not, but unfortunately he didn’t, he was hopeless that he can’t satisfy his goal.

Then Daffa attempted to obtain any information about study abroad online and looking for any kind of scholarship, but some of the scholarship requirements are demanding to ask an approval from the ambassador which the office is too far away in Jakarta city, he couldn’t help but try to sign up a regular enrollment in TAFE (Technical and Further Education) Western Australia because the enrol requirements are not complicated as the scholarship one, fortunately he was be accepted and got the letter of offer, he absolutely happy about it because his desire become true, however he still couldn’t get rid off of his biggest fear, the financial problem, since his mother can only made an minimum wage at Rp2.100.000 (around US$ 147) per month. This is the main problem for this little household, the mom wants their kids attend university so bad but financing matter get in the way from this urge. So, this holding fundraising purposes is to help them to get through out of this issues and after all of this works, what’s the use of this fund for?

-          Pay Daffa’s tuition fee

-          College preparation for Naya

-          A living cost

-          Daily goods

-          International student insurance fee

-          Medical check up fee

-          Winter clothes

-          Visa cost / fee?

-          Purchase an laptop to supporting Naya’s online classes

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