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I'm raising money for my orphaned cousin Cythia to study culinary arts to realize her dream of becoming the world's best chef.

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Image 1: Im the one in a blue sweater (or cardigan, depending on where you are reading from)  My cousin Cynthia is the other one. She is 22 years old. A total opharn, I take care of her. She dreams to be a chef, The world's best chef. I laugh at her dream most times. well, she does make the world's best ugali, but then i remind her that only kenyans eat ugali. The rest of the world is feeding on oysters and cheese and McDonald's. " I will learn all that, and i will make the best" she insists. So i really want to support her. We have one of the greatest culinary school just a few kilometers from my  home. She won't even need to board.BIHC.

 Image 3: That homepage alone makes her stay awake all night dreaming. she is passionate like that. But sadly, sissy here can't afford to take her there. Last year i registered her at the school but couldn't come up with the fees in the time frame required (or couldn't come up with anything at all) I did try everything i could. but she had to drop out But she was given her uniform which she still has and she puts them on all the time just to imagine she is already a chef.(Image 4)

She promised the school she'd report in January. So she is supposed to report in a few days. I don't know how that is going to be possible because she has waited too long to join college and she can't wait any longer, but i believe in miracles and i believe in big hearted people and i believe in the power of prayer. In that regard, i pray and i hope that possibilities will show up through this website. And we wait. For a heart or two to be touched to make a girl's wildest dream from another part of the world come true. One big heart, one click, one donation, will make a difference. And one day in the near future, when you are sitted in a french restaurant somewhere in Canada or in Switzerland, and the food you ordered is too good to be true, you will ask for the chef and she will tell you a group of strangers eventually brought her to that kitchen and the world will have gone round one more time when you recall your donation to this post. I am always and entirely greatful for anything small or big that fills the gap. And if you are feeling overly generous (and rich) you can always visit the school website and make a fee payment on the account details provided in the website and then send me the payment advice on my email provided. She is already registered to join next week. Everything and anything is appreciated. 10,000 dollars will cater for the entire 2 year diploma course. After that, if she does will enough, which she will,she will proceed with her degree in Switzerland, an opportunity provided by BIHC. i promise you that she will make it, I am very confident that she will be the best student and infact top of her class without a doubt. 

I just wish i could make her dream come true. She has taken such great care of my daughter for the last two years when she should have been in school somewhere. This is us, (Image 2) she is the one in pink and black. Pink is her favorite color apparently, i would never have guessed because she is just so strong and hands on and determined and hardworking and warm and with hands that turn everything to gold. She doesn't look like a pink, maybe a hue between gold and blue. oh well. The one with the never ending forehead is me. with my daughter. Thank you!

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