HELP Community of cats get homes

HELP Community of cats get homes

From Laken Hensley

I'm raising money for stray cats in my area. Donations will be used for neuter/spay, testing for diseases, vaccines, vet care etc. End goal is healthy cats and good homes for them.

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Someone dropped off a pregnant cat near my home. She was afraid. We fed her, and tried to take the best care of her while calling local shelters to find her a home. But the shelters said they would euthanize her, if she wasnt adopted by the end of the day she was brought in. I called no kill shelters and have but they never have room. She had two litters and disappeared. We had to bottle feed the second litter. We didn't realize the first litter was old enough to mate so one got pregnant and had 4 kittens. Because we left food out for them, more cats showed up.As soon as we realized they were old enough to become pregnant we put them in our basement as a temporary solution.

 As of right now they are friendly but from talking to vets and shelters, as they continue to mate they will become feral. I have done my best trying to get rescues, shelters, low cost clinics, veterinarians and even used Facebook to help but in the past year I've only had help with two kittens. Some rescues said they could take them if I had them tested for Feline diseases. But I can't afford that. It costs me at least $75 a week just for litter and cat food. 

They all need spayed or neutered, rabies vaccines, The newest litter are sneezing and have crusty eyes. I can't afford to pay for the expenses for all the cats. The cheapest female spay in my area is $75 the neuter is $35 plus rabies $15, $28 for testing, $15 for flea treatment/prevention and other vaccines as well for every cat. Right now there are 6 females 2 males and 7 kittens. The pregnant cat will cost an additional $125 instead of $75. That adds up to $1,579 just for spay/neuter, rabies vaccines and the disease combo test. That doesn't cover the carriers that each one must have to be spayed/neutered, the cheapest I found was cardboard carriers for $10 each. That also doesn't cover any additional testing, medications needed, and the cost of going back and forth to the veterinarian. I have done my best to make sure these strays were well taken care of but I don't have the money to better their lives with the neccessary treatments they will need. If you are a veterinarian near my area and would like to donate services or treatment please let me know. 

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