Help Clint keep Papas old guitar

Help Clint keep Papas old guitar

From Patricia A Aranda

My husband Clint adored his grandpa, Benton. Growing up papa used to pick this guitar and sing cute songs to him.

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He continued this at family gatherings even after we married. I used to love watching him play. He was quite talented. Benton passed away in 2013 and it hit Clint hard. Clint collected a few things Papa loved like his walking stick and his German Mouser and he displays them proudly to remember him. 

This year I underwent surgery that insurance did not pay for. My health is returning but it comes with a hefty price tag. This is simply not the year for us to make any purchases. 

A few weeks ago the family handed my husband his grandfathers cherished guitar and asked him to sell it so that grandma can pay for some new furniture she bought. My husband’s heart sank when he saw the guitar because he didn’t know it was still around. Now, he is faced with a responsibility that is crushing him. He simply can’t watch a stranger walk away with this guitar and not only that, do so for half of what’s its worth.  In the past few weeks instead of posting it for sale he had been playing it in the evenings, reminiscing  and talking about the songs his Papa used to play. We aren’t in a position to buy it from grandma thanks to my medical bills and she needs to pay for her furniture right away. So I’m trying this go fund me thing to save my husband from having to go through this and then regretting it forever. All grandma is asking for is $2000. If I can raise this for her then Clint can keep Benton’s guitar. This has had my husband down and upset for weeks. He hides it well but I can’t stand seeing him go through this. Just maybe I can get this off his shoulders.

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