Help chooch become a healthy eating cat again

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We rescued this cat as a kitten, this sweet boys name is Chooch. He has an abscess in his tooth which caused a bad tooth infection, and he will need the tooth pulled. We have taken him to the vet twice and we fortunately got him on some antibiotics, however the infection keeps coming back and grows worse every time because we are unable to pay for the tooth to be pulled. We give Chooch an amazing life and he would love to live it longer. He usually sleeps in everyone’s beds on the couch, but unfortunately due to his mouth infection when trying to clean himself it gets puss and blood matted into his fur. He isolates himself, we have to hand feed him soft food because his mouth is so swollen he is unable to chew his food himself. He IS under vet care, however until we can afford the procedure he is just on antibiotics and pain meds. PLEASE HELP GIVE CHOOCH HIS LIFE BACK :( .  I will post pictures of his recovery so you all know he is being loved and being taken care of ! 

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