Help children find a place to eat and learn

Help children find a place to eat and learn

From Debra Keith

I am Emily, a simple high school girl who seeks to contribute a grain of sand to improve the life of someone in need.

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I speak to you on behalf of the Fundación Honrar la Vida (Honor Life Foundation), which has been helping vulnerable and at-risk children in marginal neighborhoods in the city of Quito since 1987. Its purpose is to provide them with a good education, food and provide them with an environment where they can feel the support and affection they need to be able to live a childhood and adolescence as they deserve it.

The children that this foundation welcomes

The children that this foundation welcomes are children who live in extreme poverty, children who suffer domestic abuse, who live in unstructured families, migrants, families with drug or alcohol problems, even children who lived and worked in streets.

The foundation provides a comprehensive quality education

As I mentioned before, I am a high school girl, so I understand the great importance of education and how important it is to be surrounded by a pleasant environment full of understanding and support in order to move forward. Something that these children who live in very difficult circumstances lack, many of them have low self-esteem, depression, insecurity, aggressiveness, etc.

The foundation provides a comprehensive quality education, using an active methodology, looking for places and trained people to promote the development of these children and mainly give them a place where they can feel comfortable. However, they will understand that for this it is necessary to have funds.

All this time they have been working in rented places, we need your support so as not to lose the property

All this time they has been working in rented places with the help of the government or even taking money out of his own pockets. At last we have the opportunity to have a place of our own, with large spaces where children can play, eat and mainly educate themselves.

But as you will see now, the circumstances are very difficult and we need your support so as not to lose the property. By reading what I mentioned earlier, you can understand that we are not some kind of big organization, just people like you and me who want to help. Therefore, the purchase of a property is difficult for us alone since it is quite expensive… The building is valued at $ 50,000.32.

Please look forward to your cooperation.

We are confident that they can help these children to achieve their dreams and have a better life ...

Every penny counts.

If you cannot donate, by spreading this campaign you would also be helping these children a lot. We look forward to your help !!

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