Hurricane aid to Abacos Islands, Bahamas

Hurricane aid to Abacos Islands, Bahamas

From Harold Neel

The non-profit, Cassiopeia Schooner Project Inc. is readying for our first mission, sailing to the Abacos Islands of the Bahamas to deliver aid for the ongoing recovery from Cat 5 hurricane Dorian (2019).

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The Cassiopeia Schooner Project is a 501c3 non-profit organization seeking others who share our passion for positively effecting ocean environmental concerns, global inequities and supporting community growth. I am the founder, Captain Harold Neel, and I have this passion due to having lived aboard my 63-foot, wooden schooner for 35 years. I have lived in small island communities throughout the Caribbean and South Pacific and have learned valuable lessons about cultural sensitivities and other local issues involved with the “aid” efforts I’ve seen.

I’ve initiated this project to provide environmental and social support to economically challenged coastal communities around the world using and building wooden sailing vessels. We will create global awareness of the issues and demonstrate on-the-ground actions concerning reefs, climate change, deforestation, health, agriculture, economic infrastructure, and much more. The non-profit, Cassiopeia Schooner Project Inc. is currently about to launch our mothership, the 70-foot, wooden schooner, Cassiopeia II, after an extensive re-fit, with our first mission being to sail to the Abacos Islands of the Bahamas to deliver aid for the continuing recovery from hurricane Dorian. Hurricane Dorian was an extremely catastrophic, Category 5 Atlantic hurricane that became the most intense tropical cyclone on record to strike the Bahamas nation in 2019.

I have attached our presentation document and to find out all about me simply Google, Harold Neel, and I’m the first thing that comes up. I’ve written a book entitled, ‘From the Bottom Up,’ about my years in the Caribbean and South pacific and how our dreams can create a better world. It tells my story and will explain why I’m now completely committed to taking action to help island communities save our Mother Ocean. I believe empowering coastal communities & fishing villages can aid in speeding recovery efforts from climate related events, and protect the fragile ecosystems along the shores of our oceans.

Having lived on the sea most if my life, I'm a dedicated witness to all of the changes in our oceans and reefs, impassioned to help Mother Ocean with the skills I have acquired from sailing on her over the years. I have initiated the Cassiopeia Schooner Project to create well-being in island communities around the world, arriving first in the Abacos islands, Bahamas in 2024. Our project will continue beyond our first mission and focus on the economically challenged coastal communities of the Dominican Republic, Carriacou, and the Venezuelan coast. Our mission will eventually build additional wooden schooners in these communities and sail them as fleets to assist in the social and environmental efforts already underway, providing boots-on-the-ground actions, education and awareness programs, and economic assistance.

We will deliver environmental aid to hurricane-ravaged island communities, who are struggling to rebuild because their natural resources are facing environmental destruction. Their sources of income have recently been impacted on multiple fronts. Plastics pollute their coastal waters and beaches. Their coral reefs are dying. Their fishing sites are being over-fished by giant commercial fisheries. Their ocean environment cannot sustain the costs to rebuild without aid. That’s where we come in!

Our project is poised to partner collectively with organizations, using our Mother Ship to deliver humanitarian aid, assist in rehabilitating their ocean environment by planting new corals, cleaning up beaches, and actively protesting the intrusion of commercial over-fishing.

You are an experienced and dedicated philanthropist, encouraged to review our business plan (provided in the links below, and within my website: Please reach out with your feedback about other possibilities or suggestions you might have for this project. I would sincerely be grateful to have a live chat with you.

Thank you for considering our project! I welcome your contributions of money, time, suggestions, networking, and sharing this passionate mission with as many others as possible. I encourage each of you to please reach out to me on social media, and please find a way to get involved. This vision involves helping once-beautiful island communities to connect to our life-sustaining oceans and to the entire human family, using our wooden schooner, Cassiopeia II. We’re well on our way, as you will see if you decide to have a look!




Captain Harold Neel


Links list:

1.   Website:


3.   GoFundMe link for readying the Mother Ship:

4.   Facebook Group is, Cassiopeia Schooner Project Group at:

5.   See a video of our Mother Ship underway at:

6.   Dropbox link to Cassiopeia Schooner Project Presentation: Schooner Project Presentation 10 07 22.pdf?dl=0

7.   Harold’s Book, downloadable in pdf form, “From the Bottom Up,” at:




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