Help Serban buy a PS5 for Christmas

Help Serban buy a PS5 for Christmas

From Serban Zelea

I'm trying to save enough money to be able to purchase a PS5 for me and my family to enjoy for Christmas

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As you may be aware, the new and shiny PS5 has just been released and I'm still stuck here with an old and dusty PC with a 650 ti (it does the job for schoolwork, but for games, not so much:) ). Right when I'm compiling this "petition", I have an additional tab opened with the new Assassins Creed gameplay because I've been following it for a while, and I'm not afraid to admit, I've salivated a little bit while watching it. This has been my favorite game franchise for a while,  but I have only been able to play them up until Unity came out. I am completely aware that this is not a real issue and there are people really in need out there that have resorted to asking for help on this platform. Therefore, please, if you have some spare money and you want to donate it, don't spend it on this fundraiser. Surf this platform a bit more and find somebody in an actual predicament. That being said, if you exhausted all of your other options, why not carry out a random act of kindness and help me in reaching the needed sum of money(or even something close to it). I know I will be forever in debt:).

PS: The attached picture captures my old and no so trusty anymore PC and, I don't want to seem presumptuous, but I'm proud to let you know that it runs PowerPoint at at least 69 frames per second. Oh, those slides are smooth.

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