Help me be more confident!!

Help me be more confident!!

From Foxx Landon

This might seem silly from an outside point of view but I need a breast reduction. My chest causes me severe back pain and makes it very hard to love who I am. I started puberty early and it makes life really hard for me

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Starting puberty at a younger age than most of my peers made me a huge target for bullies and pervy adult men. I've always had a large chest and it gained me nothing but backpain and discomfort. My confidence in myself has never been the best because of the constant harassment I've had to deal with growing up. When I was even as young as 11, walking home from school was always a scary thing for me because I would be catcalled by adult men who only saw my body and not how young I was. It didn't get better as I got older so I started trying to hide my body from peoples eyes. But I'm so tired of hiding an honestly just want to feel like my body is my own. I've tried using fashion as an attempt to feel better about my situation but it hasn't helped.

 So if this made you feel anything, please consider donating, even just a small bit helps in the long run. I've been trying to find a stable job for years with no luck, and and struggling financially to afford my own things so this would really help. Thank you so much for reading  this far. 

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