Help Baby Syifa wake up from her long coma

Help Baby Syifa wake up from her long coma

From Dakota Mccroy

Imagine having just lost a beloved baby, and now in danger of losing a second child. That's how painful it was for Mrs. Jumanis and Mr. Tohirin when they looked into Sifa's eyes (5 months), which had not been opened for

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With tears in their eyes, Mrs. Jumanis and Mr. Tohirin stroked Sifa's face (5 months) which was wrapped in a tube and bandage, before her father left the PICU room to earn a living. This is how their daily life, which was once full of baby laughter at home, is now full of sorrow when Sifa's lungs are soaked with wound fluid and now her life is dead...

Panic hit Pak Tohirin's tiny house when his baby, Sifa, began to have shortness of breath. COVID cases are at their peak again, and their minds are filled with worries that Sifa will be infected.Immediately imagine Sifa's sister, who several years ago died at the same age due to various acute disorders that her parents were unable to bring to the hospital for treatment...

Determined not to lose a second time, Pak Tohirin and Bu Jumanis were determined to take Sifa to the hospital with minimal money. Patients and nurses filled the emergency room and inpatient room, but they fought fear so that Sifa could breathe again and continue her childhood.bad luck. Even though it's not COVID, another infection is suffocating their daughter's lungs. It is bronchopneumonia, an infection of the pulmonary trunk that will make Sifa fail to breathe if not treated intensively!

Frustration covers Pak Tohirin and his wife. I don't know where they can pay the hospital bills, while the cost of the breathing apparatus that keeps Sifa alive continues to explode every day.With his wages as a casual coolie, Pak Tohirin scavenges from mounds of cement and bricks, for the 90 million he needs to save the life of his only daughter...

#Good people, don't let Syifa get infected and follow her sister to heaven! Come on, let's help Mr. Tohirin give hope for Sifa to recover!

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