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I'm Kate, and this is Emma, my niece and most favorite person in the world.

Recently, my sister Sarah and her husband Brent noticed a lump on Emma's neck. After several doctor's visits with no conclusive answers, they decided to take her to the children's hospital.


It turns out Emma, at only nine months old, has neuroblastoma: a rare form of cancer that mostly impacts babies and young children. And due to the location of the mass, chemo has already begun without a chance to even go home. Our entire family is shattered at the news, as you can imagine.


On top of being devastated by Emma's diagnosis, Sarah and Brent have to worry about how to keep a roof over their heads and pay for medical bills while they spend countless hours in the hospital. If there is anything you can give, whether it's a few dollars or a share of this page's link, all of us would be eternally grateful.

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