Help Ashton Avoid Homelessness

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Help Ashton Avoid Homelessness

From Ashton Heathcliff Raether

I am raising money to pay for my bill and avoid homelessness via eviction from the extended stay hotel I currently live in. Please support and share if you are currently able to.

Ashton Heathcliff Raether

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In February 2019 I was unsuccessful in securing a new living situation after the contract for my previous one had ended due a mixture of my financial limits and transphobia. At the last minute I ended up staying in a hotel with the financial aid of a well off family member. Ever since then I have been living in an extended stay hotel with the continued financial support of that same family member. 

After both of my retail jobs closed their doors in March, one due to going out of business, the other from underperforming due to COVID-19 I relied on what little extra money came from my family member’s payments and later unemployment. I tried getting remote jobs, literally applying for hundreds of them without success and using unemployment to buy the necessary equipment for a remote customer service position. I ended up reading tarot online on multiple psychic websites and starting my business Blue Feather Tarot. As time went on I grew too lax and dismissive of my budget and didn’t adhere to it the way I should have and began to let the bill for my stay accumulate. This grew even worse in the fall when business on all three of the psychic websites I work on tanked and when the additional 300 supplementing my unemployment ended. I applied for more sites but was unable to secure a position them. Now the hotel has threatened eviction and as of 10/9 the bill is 4600 dollars, and racks up $60 daily. I have already given the hotel all the money I received from my family member and will not be receiving for a week. $5500 would cover the bill as it is as of 10/9 plus pay for roughly 2 weeks ahead. While I am going to ask the aforementioned family member for further assistance to pay the bill completely off I have no idea whether they will say yes. I need to pay this off as soon as possible; I haven’t received an explicit date for eviction but I am still here solely because of their grace as they have the grounds to evict me literally any time now. 

I have no one I can stay with, I have completely explored my options and rent in my state even for a room is very expensive. It is necessary for my physical and mental health to be able to stay here until I am able to afford surviving on my own without financial aid from anyone. In the worst case scenario I will either become homeless or be forced to return to California, presumably with my abusive mother whom I completely cut ties with in 2018. 

Unfortunately working non-remote jobs I qualify for is very difficult for due to my inability to drive, chronic joint pain, and both learning at a slower pace than other people and the sensory processing issues which are a part of how my autism manifests. Finding a balance of a job or jobs that are within my physical limits, provide a livable wage, and having the resources (ex: education, certification, experience) to qualify for such jobs has been very challenging. 

I despise having to ask for handouts, but I have completely dedicated the last few days seeking a solution to pay the bill as soon as possible and have been rejected for all of the many personal loans I have applied for. I am unable to think of another solution that doesn’t threaten my safety. That being said, I am offering a one question reading (usually 4-7 cards) in exchange for a donation of any size. Just PM me your question and I will send the reading within the next 3 days. 

If I somehow miraculously exceed my goal all extra money received would go towards my survival: groceries and transportation via Uber and Lyft as I seek employment from a close driving distance to supplement my income as I further explore my job options. Thank you so so much for reading this to the end. 

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