Help Alan to get into MIT tech-bootcamp

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Help Alan to get into MIT tech-bootcamp

From Alan Cheung

I have been accepted to attend MIT Technology and innovation Bootcamp - Tokyo, Japan. It is a highly selective program and a cohort of only 50 applicants is selected from all over the world. I am crowdfunding tuition.

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Hello Everyone,

My name is Alan Cheung( J.ZHANG). Recently, I have been accepted to attend MIT Technology and innovation Bootcamp - Tokyo, Japan. It is a highly selective program and a cohort of only 50 applicants is selected. Many people don't believe it, it HAPPENS though. But I am here to need your helps!!! The MIT Technology & Innovation Bootcamp is an accelerated-learning program by MIT Bootcamps for students to learn and practice leadership and innovation principles taught at MIT. In addition, learners will have lectures from MIT professors and scientists on Robotics, AI, and IoT.

This is my acceptance letter shown below:

Hence, I would need $2k for the deposit to secure my place and overall $8k for the total tuition fee. (equivalent to  £6100 overall)

About me & Motivations:

I am a physicist & a CEO of my Artificial Intelligence startup- Quanta-Nimbus. Before that I was doing a research called 'Physics Beyond the Standard Model' in Dark Matter aspect, under the supervision by Professor John Ellis FRS CBE & Professor Bobby Acharya at King's College London & CERN. 

Here is my project poster:

There is no doubt that data analysis has become increasingly crucial in Particle Physics in this new era. My ultimate goal is to establish an institute to gather AI talents to contribute to not only the field of particle physics but also fields in our society in the future.To have positive impacts in our world, even a little!

The related works I have done

To take a step forward:Gathering tech-talents is hard! I realized I will need capital operation and a funding company.Gathering tech-talents is hard! I realized I will need capital operation and a funding company.

Through a half-year effort, my team and I has launched our first AR-LBS social app- Bubble! (You are more than welcome to visit our official website: / ).

Here is one of our app promotion video:

If BUBBLE have certain amount of users, we could move another step forward- To apply Machine Learning and Deep Learning AI techniques into our social networks.  In other words, I could test our algorithms in the real world situations if they works. We are hoping to raise our angle-round ASAP.Therefore, I am so desperate to present Bubble App to the experts from the MIT bootcamp, while l am going to learn skills to be a proper tech-entrepreneur and also expand my world-wild social networks in order to make my ideal product happen! MIT Bootcamp is an opportunity for me to develop essential professional skills and to expand my knowledge of key developments in influential industries.  

Others about me:

This is me with Lunar Rover from X-prize back to 2015 when I was a member in the technical team at Copernicus Space Science Lab (Bercel, Hungary). I participated in the Space Elevator Copernicus programme, as a technical member in Hungary. I have also written a conceptual paper about the application of a torus shape aerostat on stage 1 of the space elevator design. The event included an international panel of industry experts from NASA, Puli Space Technologies, and International Space University. (See below)

In addition, my CTO and I self-designed a flame gun for drones to clear the balloons on the high-voltage cables last year. ( Guangdong Jiangmen Power Supply Bureau has plagiarized and frequently used this device to solve similar issues for profits)

Here is the demonstration:

Q & A:

Why should I do the Crowdfunding Campaign?Like MIT Said: This is the first challenge you have to overcome it! The MIT Technology & Innovation Bootcamp journey does not start on the first day of the program but rather from the moment you begin your application. Researching the appropriate sources and crafting your message to approach them and convince them to invest in your future are skills that you will practice often on your journey as a successful innovator. Instead of seeing raising funds for tuition as an obstacle or setback, see it as a challenge to overcome as an innovator.Besides, through half year running my startup, we have ran out most of our money. This is why I am here to do the Crowdfunding Campaign need you all to support my works, ambition and goals. I truly appreciate your generosity. You can be assured that your support will mean a lot to me, and will never be put to waste. I have faith for all of us!If you have any concern, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me and make some comments.For more information about The MIT Technology & Innovation Bootcamp, go to:


Alan. K. Cheung(Jiaqiang Zhang)

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