Help Alan Get 2C

Help Alan Get 2C

From Alan Motley

This funraiser is for the opportunity to buy and live in Loft 2C in the Sunny Arms Artists Cooperative. I would be the ONLY African American owner in the building since the coop began in 1989.

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What happens when you give an African American male the descendant of slaves the opportunity to buy and live in a space in Sunny Arms Artists Cooperative. I would be the ONLY African American owner in the building since the coop began in 1989. 

The reason I know of the space was by luck. It is not even listed. The owner is an extremely talented artist by the name of Kate Sweeney. She also owns half the second floor. I reached out to her after finding out she was splitting the space into two separate Lofts. From which she planned to sell to a friend. She contacted me recently, saying the friend has backed out of moving. I now have the first opportunity to buy it before it is listed. Getting in this building requires the owner to be an artist. The vetting process is long and arduous. I would have an extreme chance of acceptance as I would be the ONLY African American in the building. Especially as a composer and writer mixed with a high paying job in tech marketing. 

What I do not have is the generational wealth even to put anything down. I have focused on my last job, paying down my debt and building my credit. I was also able to buy all the tools as an artist I could use. The LAST piece I have been longing for is my own space that I own. That loft is 1650sq foot with a low HOA. It is also half the price of what you would get typically in Seattle. The reason the cost is down is arts cooperative based. The building IS genuinely FOR artists. I can give you an example of a unit that recently sold. 

Note the Estimate is $729,868, but the sold price was $455,000. It is EXTREMELY rare to get that much space for the cost. 

What will this space do for me as a creative? 

  • Freedom as a Black music composer & lyricist/writer to have a space to focus on my life’s work
  • A place to build and grow from that I own.  
  • Opportunity to open multiple doors in the art scene supplying an avenue for Black painters to show in a popular space in Seattle  
  • Located in Georgetown, I would be connected to the city I have built relationships with over 21 years.  
  • Life Security… As a Black Gay Man in this country, life gets more challenging as we age. (I am currently 41) Homelessness is a REAL issue for my demographic based on systemic reasons. Having a space for cultivating my talent will be a catalyst for growth. This would allow paying it forward, making a lifelong impact on others. 

What will you see from this space getting funded? 

  • A concrete example of what resources are given to the right creative thought leader can affect a community in need of people like me.  
  • Creative works actualized… Streetkids a new musical in development with Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute. Later to be pushed to Broadway.  
  • Vaudeville, A Little Princess, are two more musical theater works  
  • Diverse and inclusive youth engagement in the arts  
  • Music albums
  • Diverse community-building supplying equity and support to active creatives. 
  • Black painters featured within Sunny Arms Artists Cooperative art walks.  
  • Planting a seed will start a pattern of diverse philanthropy.

What impact would this make at once? 

  • The FIRST person in my family to own a home from both sides.  
  • The FIRST person in my peer group to own a home.  
  • Only African American MY AGE that owns a home in Georgetown District.
  • Owning gives social justice political engagement potential.  
  • Immediate equity to compete  
  • Truly targeted philanthropy  
  • The ability to fund my activities while paying forward from my high paying position 

I am trying to build something, and this is what I have done so far. 

I show these images so you can see how I live and take care of everything. Appreciate EVERYTHING… On my walls are art and pictures of my family. Every item in those rooms I have worked extremely hard to get… Every piece of equipment and instruments… I just long every day trying to figure out a way to have my own space. Jen and Scotto have been EXTREMELY kind and welcoming. They have helped me with a stable, toxic-free room to grow and rebuild. It is just time for the next phase in my life, which is equity to be an owner. 

Let me be clear…. I do not care about the money… I want space.  Kate, the loft owner, is exceptionally kind, and she is aware of my story. She wants to sell it at $500,000 (The loft’s market rate is $850,000). I am sure I could negotiate with cash a lower selling price. 

My goal is to raise $450,000

The money would go directly to the purchase of the loft from Kate Sweeney. I am fully aware this is a huge ask but considering historical difficulties dealing with gentrification and sustained lack of resources, taking bold steps for equity in this time is needed. African Americans lack the resources or generational wealth to compete in the housing market. Studies have shown continued racist lending practices to this day. Even with the best credit and income, we are often shut out from the possibility of grasping the American dream. I am in the perfect position to continue a trajectory towards my goals. All of which balanced with great appreciation for the help received. I take nothing for granted. Jen Moon can attest to my drive and passion. I am a good person, deserving of the chance to expand upon my talents fully. Owning my home is the ULTIMATE step I have been working on for over 15 years.

I want to prove that paying an opportunity forward like this to someone systemically shut out will bear unimaginable fruit. I have empathy, drive, passion, and an expansive creative mindset. 

PLEASE take some time and check out my Instagram (There are music samples and video work I have done): 

READ more about the project here:

One thing I can say with complete clarity and confidence: 

I will not let you down and PROVE why it is essential to give people a chance. We need the resources and opportunity to shine. 


-Alan Motley 

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