From Dante Teodori

Whit my friends, I came to Minsk and took part in the parade. You know about the difficult situation in this country. Many were beaten and cured. They snatched my documents and money. I can't return to home. HELP!

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My name is Dante Teodori. At the invitation of my friends, I came to Minsk and took part in the parade. It was a pleasant meeting of old acquaintances. I wanted to support them and communicate. I'm happy with that. You probably know about the difficult situation in this country with the elections. You also know how the LGBT movement is oppressed in this country. My participation in this parade was beyond doubt.  I did not think that the parade would be so harshly suppressed by the authorities. Many were beaten and cured. I want the whole world to know about this and no one was left on the sidelines.

When I was on the subway, one of the passengers, a strong-built young man in sportswear, did not like my colorful scarf. I was rudely asked to take off my scarf and get out of the car, and when I did not agree, I was beaten. They snatched my bag with documents and money. I called my friends and, on their advice, called an ambulance, which took me to the hospital, where my injuries were recorded. My face was bloody, so I had to get stitches. I could take off my scarf, I could get out of the car, I had a chance. But I think this is the wrong position. If you want to go, go if you don't turn off. This is the only way to win! This is the first and most important thing. Second. The scarf is not in the colors of LGBT people. It was tied up and given to me by a very nice woman, my friend's mother. What does it mean? That a person in any colorful clothing can technically be reprimanded. And the most important thing. It seems to me that the only way to bring the future we want closer is to live as if it has already arrived.

Now I have no passport and no money to return to my homeland. I collect these donations not only for my treatment and my colleagues. I want our movement to never die out in this country, as well as in the whole world. Peace to you guys!

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