If they can,we also can

If they can,we also can

From Michael Thompson

I'm raising money to finance the education of brilliant but needy students in the rural areas of Ghana.Ghana like the rest of Africa has been plagued by poverty which has eaten deep to the fabric of the economy.

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If they can,we also can campaign came about because of my passion to always help the needy and to put a smile on their faces.Everywhere you go in life,there's always someone you meet who is in a dire situation that needs a little help.Most at times we turn a blind eye to their situations as we only concern ourselves with matters about ourselves and those close to us.

Have you bothered to ask yourself if you would appreciate anyone's help if you were in the shoes of those underprivileged people?Certainly you would but as to whether the help will come or not is another huge challenge.Being in Africa and having the opportunity to visit some of the remote places left me very baffled at the level of poverty that has just engulfed a lot of communities and the sheer inability of most of these people to provide basic amenities for themselves  and their families,not to talk about education for their kids.There were very few schools in some of these places and to some extent non-existent depending on the criteria you'll use in determing some of the schools as a real school.

Most kids in the rural areas in Ghana are semi-illiterate who do not attend any school or dropped out at some stage in their schooling due to financial restraint.This has crippled their dreams and ambition which has made them not to see opportunity beyond their  surrounding and predicament.If they can,we also can is an opportunity to encourage and enroll most of these children to school so they can also have a level playing field with their mates in the cities


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