Help a Trans Woman Overcome Difficulties

Help a Trans Woman Overcome Difficulties

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I am a transgender woman living in Toronto, Canada. I am nineteen years old and live in a transphobic environment, even my own parents are against me. Please help me earn funds to help me transition and move out.

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Hi there. I am a transgender woman living in Toronto, Canada. I am nineteen years old and do not have any work due to Covid-19. I came out as Trans in 2020. A few months ago, I expressed that I'm Trans to my family and it did not go well. All of them are extremely Transphobic and do not support me at all. They stress me out daily and try to "convince" me that I'm just confused or that I will "change" in the future. They make some really transphobic comments sometimes and do not understand how I feel. All of this stresses me out and is leading me to depression. There is no picture of me to not make it obvious to my family that it's me in case they find this page. My gender dysphoria also worsens everyday and I never feel happy anymore.

 I secretly purchase feminine clothes and other feminine items without them knowing and since I don't have an income source I am also out of money. My plan is to move out when I can and start a new life where I can be a woman without stress, discrimination against me and without obstacles. I am also starting Feminizing Hormone Therapy (HRT). 

 I'm trying my best to get a job or start a business, but since I'm young it is not easy. My whole situation is hard on me but I will do my best to escape these horrors caused by my own family. Any donation to me, no matter how small, will help me with:

 • Feminizing myself to get rid of Gender Dysphoria (Hormones, Clothes etc.)

• Helping me start a Business or get a Job to further support my transition.

• Helping me acquire a safe space to live where I am not discriminated by transphobia.

• It will definitely take me out of depression and make me more positive about the future. It will make me gain confidence within my transition and boost my happiness.

 Thank you for reading this. Please help me transition and make me what I'm supposed to be and what my life is supposed to be. I will be forever grateful for any donation and will never forget it. It does not matter to me how small it is, even if it's one dollar. I will appreciate any help! Thank you again.

As I progress with your help, I will make sure this page is updated with what I have been doing.

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