Circe's Surgery Fundraiser

Circe's Surgery Fundraiser

From Lex Miller

Please help me raise money for Circe, my an 8-month husky-mix, who has a genetic condition--hip dysplasia and needs reconstructive surgery. Before me, Circe was a stray who was picked up by animal control in February.

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Hello, my name is Lex. If you know me at all, you know I adore animals, particularly dogs. So naturally, when my classes moved online due to COVID-19, and I wanted to try and do some good, I decided to foster dogs. The second dog I was assigned to foster was Circe. 

Circe is a beautiful eight-month husky mix puppy. I knew within the day that I didn't want to give her back, but I waited to adopt her until I was sure she would be a good fit in my little family (Pippi and I). When it became apparent that Circe and Pippi were inseparable, I decided to keep Circe.

After officially adopting Circe and spending more time with her I noticed something was off. Circe has trouble getting up steps, and her run is slow. After the problems persisted and didn’t seem to be just the way Circe was, I took her into the veterinarian's office (which was last Friday May 1st). Unfortunately, the vet's visit confirmed my fears: Circe has hip dysplasia and needs surgery

Basically, Circe's back joints do not work right. The bone is rubbing up against bone, and it makes normal puppy things (like romping and playing) painful for her. Because she appears to be a husky/German Shepard mix who was abandoned at about five-month-old (the earliest hip dysplasia can be detected), it seems very likely that Circe is suffering from the epidemic of (1) irresponsible dog breeding, (2) Christmas puppy regret. If you get nothing else from reading this, please, please, please make sure if you are supporting a dog breeder that the animal you are purchasing is health tested! ESPECIALLY if you're getting a 'good deal' right around Christmas... 

Anyway, all this to say is Circe needs surgery, and due to (1) being in grad school and (2) there being a global pandemic, I am unable to afford the upfront cost of the surgery without help. Because of Circe's age, she's a prime candidate to receive a significant improvement to her quality of life if I can pull together the funds needed to get her the care she deserves. So I am asking you if you can contribute at all-- this is a sweet, loving pup who deserves to have a full, active life and to give it to her I need help.

PS: Here's an article about fostering dogs during the pandemic that mentions Circe and I :) :

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