Help a Mother for Survival in Retail Shop During COVID

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Her name is Madam Sahni. 

She is 65 years old from Chicago, Illinois. 

She still struggle to earn money in her old days. 

Everyday she sell retail products and traditional foods. 

But due to the pandemic covid-19, she loss her income much and cannot pay her debt to bank. 

The current pandemic is affecting millions around the world, from loss of life, incomes, to closure of business mainly the small and micro businesses. 

Her debt is about $10.000 and she has to pay for $330 in a month. 

In other hand, she has to fullfil her children's school fee. 

She has 4 children and they must continue their studies in high school and college. 

Even, this pandemic make her cannot fullfil her family's needs of food. 

This situation make her old days become harder. 

All we ask is for you to d please donate $1 and then to please share our campaign with your friends and family members. 

By this campaign, I hope we can help Madam Sahni to pay for debt and her children's school fee. 

Your helping can ease her life load. 

May Allah reward you for your generosity and give you and your loved one only the best in this world and in the next, Thank God,  

Donate Now and Save a Life!!! 

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