help an LGBT musician recovery from their head injury

help an LGBT musician recovery from their head injury

From Liam Diller

Liam has been between addresses since Feburary after losing his job and his home and has been struggling to find stability. He recently suffered a severe concussion and his job offers no medicare and cant work.

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23 year old Liam suffered two concussive head injuries recently. One during work, for which he was not compensated due to his status as a temp worker, and one at the grocery store that evening, due to his dizziness. He passed out and ended up in the hospital. When he was released he was forced to go back to work almost immediately. Liam grew up in foster care where he was was forced to grow up too fast, being the main breadwinner for his household at age 13. Liam is always juggling 2 or 3 jobs. I have never seen him take time off for himself willingly, and when he does he always beats himself up about it. He is a talented musician, funny, kind, and smart. As his friend, I want to see him take a couple of weeks off just to make sure his brain gets the proper healing it needs. But he can't or he will literally be on the street. He is using most of his income to pay for his nightly bed at a motel, which is costing him 400 dollars a week. Waiting on the delays of money and a housing voucher from social services he has been owed for years, Liam is forced to work full time despite having several mental and physical health conditions. I am asking to raise enough for him to have a financial cushion the next couple of weeks, so he can rest and recover optimally.

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