Help a Father who lost his job to covid

Help a Father who lost his job to covid

From Gabriel Borges Assunção Vargas

I lost my job to covid, I have a baby to raise and my only livelihood has spoiled

Gabriel Borges Assunção Vargas

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I ask you to read please!

It's less than 1 minute and read until the end, to decide whether or not you want to help me!

In March my job and I lost the only extra income I had, which was the photo and video editions, because my late mother's i3 notebook went dead, after 9 years of struggle.

I live in a small town, it's just me, my wife and my daughter, because my father and mother died (my father killed himself when I was 12, my mother died in my arms when I was 20) and we don't have many family members on the way back to help, because they also have their problems.

My wife cleans and sells autonomously, but unfortunately it is a very saturated market, especially in a small town and she does it for half the price, with a lot of crying.

As we no one to leave our 1 year old daughter and the public daycare centers are already full, she doesn't get a full-time job per hour.

I worked as an attendant at a Lan House, but because of Corona, I lost everything and she closed it, in addition to leaving with one hand behind and the other in front.

With the montage of photos and videos, for evangelicals, houses of religion or for freelancers, I earned a very good extra income, but with the spoiled PC and bills knocking on the door, my prediction to buy another computer was for space, even more in this crisis where the whole population is.

The money will be used to buy a desktop computer, with a long life span, so it will not be necessary to change it anytime soon (at least 10 years) and it will also help our daughter Ana Clara to buy a cart for her (the her cart is all smashed, we already got it like that), clothes and food, since the people we went to ask for donations and help, we are waiting until today

I also make other nozzles, but this was where the biggest yield came from and ends up being sorely missed!

If you have read this far, I ask you to help me, even if only a little bit, because from grain to grain the chicken fills its beak.

I know they'll call me a tramp and everything, but it's a call to help, I'm in the fight!

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