Help Shannon Johnson Build an Art Studio

Help Shannon Johnson Build an Art Studio

From Shannon Johnson

I am raising money to turn an old play room into my own art studio. I have a small studio set up already, but it needs expansion. I am looking to repaint walls, add storage and shelving, fix lighting, among other things.

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(All of the images above are photographs of my current studio space and my artwork and designs.)


I am raising money to convert this old play room into a more functioning art studio. My needs are mostly storage, necessary furniture, as well as some technology and software.

The room needs to be repainted desperately. It is this awful shade of “playroom for a boy”-blue and it severely impacts the colors of my work and my ability to assess my work. Photographing my paintings and fixing the colors after is very frustrating and discouraging. This blue is one of the worst shades of any color. I need to repaint it a neutral grey so I can much more easily and accurately photograph my work and see the colors of my paintings more clearly without the blue interfering. 

I have no flat storage for my many large drawings, prints, and photographs as well as my large papers and oversized sketch pads. (I’m talking at least 24 x 36 in. in terms of the sizes of the papers.) This is one of my biggest concerns. My solution for this will be to purchase a smaller flat storage shelf unit as well as make one myself for the oversized work.

If you watch the video, you’ll notice that my panel is actually too large for my current easel and wobbles significantly when applying paint to the far edges of the painting. I work large predominantly, preferring to work a minimum of 3 x 3 ft and have worked on up to 7 x 5 ft. canvases. I would like to replace my easel with one much larger so I can safely make paintings the way I prefer. I am currently working on three 4 x 4 ft panels, with two alternating between the easel and one screwed into the wall.

I also am trying to replace the poorly made, second hand shelving for model trains that takes up the wall space over my drawing table. The shelves are too short and narrow to be useful, like barely 3 in. wide. I want to replace them with four wall shelving units from IKEA. Then I will be able to store books, journals, supplies, archival boxes, cameras and camera equipment much more easily and safely.

I need a separate work space in the studio where I can do my photographic and digital work, safe from paint and drawing messes. Analog photography is something I'm very passionate about and requires as safe and clean area to work in.

I would also like to convert an unused, interior bathroom into a dark room for developing film negatives and photographic prints. I am still researching what I need to do for construction materials, but I have all the equipment for a dark room. (Although donations are always appreciated because I have ambitions around developing accessible arts programming in Springfield.)

Those who donate at least $10 will be mailed an artwork (mostly likely a drawing or print) made by me! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and possibly donate to help create an art studio.

My artist website with my artwork can be found here:

(I apologize for the low-quality of the images, Fundly compresses the files weirdly.)

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