HELP, Retirement Being stolen

HELP, Retirement Being stolen

From Michael Smith

To restore retirement monies used to pay a mortgage and bills on a 3 family we own as tenants haven't payed rent in 12 months. Not affected by China Virus and are living free. We cant sell and give them to a new buyer.

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I guess I should start from the beginning. About 20 years ago a man 45 years old and my wife at 47 decided to do something no one in our families had done. I was also the first in my family to start my own business after starting out as a painter in the late 70's because I couldn't get a job after graduating college. We ventured out and took a risk for a better future. We scrapped and put every cent we could get to purchase a rental property. We were excited to turn a page in our lives. We bought it as a 2 family and after looking the place over before rehab, we were able to convert it to a 3.  Which is not easy to do and we were blessed. I worked hard to turn it into a very comfortable home for each unit. We spent many years of our lives providing nice apartments for tenants below market. We always scrubbed floors, shampoo carpets ,repaired and painted units for new tenants, Nothing is perfect and we certainly have had our share of challenges. We are like a mom and pop operation and this was our baby. Then came 2019 when I made the worse decision of my life. We had a vacancy in our 3rd floor unit and after an exhaustive screening process I selected one of 2 applicants. This process alone is difficult as Christian landlords. This decision is why Im here. Some of you may have already figured out why. This is NOT directly related to the China virus.Not to long after these tenants(middle aged couple) moved in, our lives have changed. They started after the first month to pay their rent late every month.  Then a list of complaints started. Mind you, the whole apartment was redone and NEW carpet installed They have contacted the building dept, health dept, DEP, and fire dept on multiple occasions. Not because there were violations, but to try and find violations to no avail. They have been verbally abusive with vulgar and profane language to me and my wife.  They have been charged with disturbing the peace because they were banging and jumping on floors so hard that a ceiling fan was swaying in 2nd floor unit with a 2 year old living in it. Blasting music so loud that police could hear it from the St as other tenants try to work from home. They also blatantly smoke inside the building with a 2 year old and new born living in another unit even though its a non smoking building. During our ownership we haven't had ANY town or state violations or complaints. In our 20 year ownership we have never had to evict anyone until now. Under normal circumstances they would already be gone. We are now into month 12 of no rent. I unfortunately live in a state that thinks renters are more important than landlords. We worked all these years waiting for the ideal time to sell and live out our retirement, we cant even do that. Meanwhile the government enables people to STEAL from our retirement. Today we learned that the tenants expect to walk away and not pay a cent. During this ordeal we did discover thru the building dept that they did this before AND they had a friend pose as their past landlord on their application. Of course, when we called that person they gave them raving reviews, which swayed my decision. Nice Huh? We have been praying, been patient, and have watched our son, daughter inlaw and our grandchildren deal with these people as they live in the building. The most difficult thing is praying for those tenants and realizing they need Jesus too .Like the Bible says, its easy to love someone that loves you, but we need to love the ones who despise us. I am asking for help to at least recover rents they have stolen as we have taken monies out of my wifes IRA to cover expenses to not lose our property while they live FREE.

Pictures are of me with a church brother, wife and our 2 grandchildren.

 Thank you for spending your time reading our story and we appreciate your prayers and anything you can give.  God Bless you and Pray for our country.

Michael and Joan

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