Help 70 y/o man from becoming homeless

Help 70 y/o man from becoming homeless

From Allie Rasmussen

This campaign is to help an elderly man (70) pay his security deposit on an apartment. His current land lord of 6 years is not resigning his rental agreement to redo the place so they can charge more in rent.

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At the beginning of this summer I had asked God to send someone my way that needs help and that I would be able to help with my resources. Literally the same day I meet Bill at the dollar store. He was in front of me in the check out line and had been very nice to the check out lady. When I walked outside I told him to have a good day. He asked me if I could give him a ride home and told me what street he lived on which was two streets away from my house. This man is 70 years old so I didn't feel like it would be unsafe for me to drive him home so I did.  While driving him home I learned about his life. He doesn't own a car or have any family, realizes off of his social security alone, has severe COPD and has been in & out of being homeless all of his life. On top of that UNT bought out the parking lot that the dollar store is in and the store would be closing in a couple days after I had meet him. Bill would soon have no way of getting food other then the gas station that is by our house so I gave him my number to call me whenever he needs to get groceries and I would take him to the store. We have been getting groceries and his prescriptions together all summer. Two weeks ago bill told me that his landlord will no longer be renting to him come August and wants him out so that they can redo the inside so they can charge more for rent. Bills rent agreement is from month to month so it is legal for them to do this. I instantly started searching for a place for him that fits his budget and have found a place. Its 625 for a one bedroom all bills included. However there is a $400 security deposit too which bill is unable to  cover on his own. We talked to the landlord about his situation and he said he needs at least $250 of it upfront and bill can pay off the rest of it in payments. He can pay that but he would literally be left with $25 of his SS to live off of for the whole month which is just unrealistic. Please help me raise money for him to help his situation. I am the only person that is helping him and I do not want to watch him become homeless. I have tried multiple different charities to help him and I have received no help from any of them. 

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