HeidiLove: Catalyst for Healing

HeidiLove: Catalyst for Healing

From Heidi Heyns

This is a preliminary fundraiser, til I get my Writing/Podcast/Radio Show Patreon Page ...a stop-gap in case I have to live in my truck while I produce the first episode or two. to cover Gas, Insurance, Phone, etc

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Joy! LOVE! Being 100% In-Service! What's Next! THIS is what Life is Meant to Be!

I'm turning the powerful high beams of my Sales & Creative Abilities on to something that I LOVE 100% and that I have 100% confidence in sharing!

That is Heidi & Co. The Oasis of Calm... 

AND writing my books and plays...

AND telling my stories! ...Did you know I've sailed across the Atlantic on a 22m sailboat? Did you know I've lived in Hong Kong? Did you know I've studied massage for horses? Did you know I've hung out on nude beaches with a REALLY famous author? I've lived an extraordinary life for which I am exceedingly grateful, and probably had more jobs than anyone you know (and I realize that's not a spectacularly good thing, but, well, we all have to write our own life story and this...so far, is mine, all mine. LOL)  and a lot of those jobs are stories in themselves! 

I know in my gut that I am not prepared to waste more months or years trying to find more jobs, lose them,  find more..when all the while, I should be doing my show, writing my plays, and telling my stories! 

I'm here today to tell you that I'm releasing what I thought I needed or wanted. 

It's time to do what I do best and be 100% in service to those who want or need the services I can provide.  I'm launching my show! And doing what it takes in advance, to do it right! 

If I get donations, they will help me to stay legal in my truck. IF I'm going to live in it, it will prove helpful that it's 100% legal. Can I get an AMEN!? 

If I get donations, not only will I keep my car insured and maintained and filled with fuel, I'll also make sure my 16 year-old cat, Shadow is kept clean and fed.  I will possibly also continue with an extraordinary sales course I'm enrolled in, that also includes an outlandishly supportive and close-knit group of fellow students.  I will possibly replace some documents that everyone should have, and I don't, due basically to having mislaid them during this rather chaotic and homeless-ish life for the last four years  

IF I get donations, I will use them to pay for my monthly pre-paid phone and probably buy a newer phone that doesn't tell me it's dying every few hours. 

Or not! So don't feel bad AT ALL if you are not in a position to donate. I totally get it! 

And regardless of anything, Watch and Listen for the Heidi & Co. Oasis of Calm show Launching on May 1st!! Here on Facebook and on Twitch, YouTube, Spreaker, I Heart Radio, TuneIn and I think on iTunes, as well. 5pm Central Time US (GMT -6)

It may be launched from my truck, and as I said in my earlier video, I am prepared for the difficulties that may bring. 

Maybe, and I don't really want to do this, but maybe you know of someone who can I can trust who will love and care for my 16 year old best mate, my cat, Shadow until I can take him back.. though in all likelihood I won't do this. I've never seen him bond with anyone but two people in my life. 

He definitely would be best with me and I'm going to see if we can make that work. 

My passion and my desire to serve are wrapped up entirely in what I do best, so I enrolled in an amazing sales mastermind class (the one I was talking about earlier) to help me get better at selling ideas! IT's AMAZING!! In fact, this course is a large part of why I'm doing this. I don't want to practice what I'm learning on anything but what I can back with 100% passion and 100% enthusiasm! 

After living a life of one job failure to the next, it's CLEAR to me that I MUST do what I love and SETTLE for nothing less! 

I LOVE helping people feel calm and happy and relieved when they are most likely to feel anything but! I love helping people see what's great about THEM! 

and I am GOOD at doing that! 

During this preliminary fundraiser, I will be working out the details of what it takes to do quality streaming live online 24/7 and there is a lot to learn! You'll be making it possible for me to spend my time fully absorbing the information that I need to truly do this show right! 

I will also be gathering the guests that I will chat with on the show. 

Wondering what I might offer you in return for your charitable donation? Haha! AWESOME! 

As a matter of fact, I've been thinking about that...

  • How about my voice for your voicemail? 
  • How about a recording of your book? 
  • Or your recorded radio, television or internet advertisement? 
  • These would all be different levels of charitable giving. You know what these services would cost you from a service that provides them, so, just consider donating somewhat close to that vicinity. 
  • I'm also a pretty darn gifted writer. Got something you need written? A Blog Post, perhaps? A travel article for your newsletter? 

I'm open to a free exchange of ideas if you're thinking about something that I haven't posted here...just drop me a line and let's talk! 

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