Heart Disease and Lost Smile

Heart Disease and Lost Smile

From Stephanie Maness

Diagnosed w/Congestive Heart Failure at age 34 (I’m 51 now). Due to complications of surgery and meds, I have lost most teeth and have replaced multiple dentures as my gum condition worsens. Need gum surgery and implants

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Hello, my name is Stephanie - I am humbly opening this fund as a last resort for myself.  I was diagnosed w/Congestive Heart Failure at age 34 (I’m 51 now).  It originated from a severe kidney infection from a kidney stone. Due to the irreparable damage to my heart, my insurance covered gastric bypass surgery to prevent my heart from becoming weaker. The surgery was a success and I began a healthier lifestyle.

 I am blessed to now control my congestive heart disease with meds.

However, long term effects from my heart failure and gastric bypass surgery have caused my health to further deteriorate over the years.  

Since my surgery, my body does not absorb nutrients as it did before.  In my case, SEVERE anemia (which I receive annual blood transfusions and IV iron) has affected ALL aspects of my life due to the extreme fatigue. 

DO still work full time and have no intention of stopping, although I have had to stop working my additional part time job.  

My specific reason for posting on this site is due to another side effect from my surgery. (see picture below) Since my body does not absorb nutrients as it should, I’ve lost the majority of my teeth. This has been a gradual process of losing teeth, bridges and partials are having to be re-created at least once a year.  Dental insurance limits coverage on services, so I have paid out of pocket for multiple bridges and partials. I wear a temporary partial for aesthetics purposes, but cannot eat anything that is not soft.  Recently, I needed 2 root canals, which I delayed due to the cost. When the pain was too great, I ended up having both teeth pulled.  

I had saved most of my stimulus funds with intent of putting towards a set of implants. I had a consultation for implants and was frustrated to hear that before I could get implants, I would need my gums regenerated first!  This increased the total cost considerably.

 Soon after my implant consultation, my sweet Yorkie mix (Pedro) had to be rushed to a pet emergency room when a piece of bully stick lodged in his throat and he couldn’t breathe.

 I was faced with making an immediate decision on whether my precious 4 year old Pedro lives or dies - all they needed was me to pay $4,300 before they would operate.  I was thankful to have saved $3,800 (from stimulus checks).  I just couldn’t let him die. But, now I’m back to the drawing board - at age 51 - and unable to supplement my income due to health issues.

I’m respectfully and humbly wishing to raise $25,000 to cover gum regeneration and dental implants. This is not about aesthetics or vanity for me. This is about the ability to eat healthy food that I love - salads and vegetables. Even eating an occasional pretzel would be amazing.  Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story.  Any donation of any size would be VERY appreciated. I can answer questions if you like, I have access to most of my medical records for confirmation. 


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