Hear With Your Heart Foundation Start Up

Hear With Your Heart Foundation Start Up

From Agua Miel

To pay for funds needed to file paperwork required, for any materials such as computers, software etc. which is for the purpose of ending segregation between the deaf and hearing community. https://elixirofthegods.bu...

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Mother Earth and Father Sun need our help. Will you answer the call? The last time the Sun died was in 536 AD. And the sun dimmed out for 18 months. The sun grew so hot it “went up in flames” before it fizzled out. That amount of excessive heat caused a chain reaction with volcanoes here on earth and it appeared as if there was a blanket of “snow” all over the world. There were raging sea storms, river storms, mass famine and not to mention no sun… so it was extremely cold. But most important of all, NOTHING grew. 

I believe I am a star seed sent to observe, examine, establish, and execute a long term solution to save the planet. The earth/universe is out of balance. There has been too much suffering at the hands of narcissistic people and it is going to kill our Sun. But for how long this time??? Indefinitely??? 

Not yet, essentially speaking we still have time but it will take time to get us the next stage of human evolution. Right now we are to help transmute or transform the negative energy that has been permeating throughout our entire fabric of existence.

It is my mission and life purpose to assist with this transition but on a massive global scale. How can we do it on a massive global scale? With a lot of hard work and dedication of course! No but seriously I give the details on how it will be accomplished through my blog. Because it will not be a small feat but it does consist of bridging the gap/segregation between the deaf and hearing communities. Which is what this cause is for: To End Segregation Between the Deaf and Hearing Communities.

The initial first $5,000.00 will be used towards any fees needed for filing paperwork for the foundation. As I have recently been robbed of everything I own and I have had someone put windex in my gas tank which I had to quickly come up with $500 to get it fixed and out of the shop as it is the ONLY vehicle that I own and the only thing that I have left. It will also be used for materials needed to continue my blogs and podcasts in raising awareness for the cause such as computers, software, and recording equipment for vlogging etc. etc. 

If anyone has suggestions or would like to volunteer please do not hesitate to ask or let me know. Your help is needed. I appreciate you so much for your time and for your support and contributions. Have a blessed day. 

Melisa Salgado, Advocater for World Peace and Harmony

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