Healthy Times To Drink a Purified Water

Healthy Times To Drink a Purified Water

From Minaimran Aliseo

It is said that one needs to drink at least 8 glasses of water on a regular basis to stay hydrated.

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Drinking water in sufficient amount is a very important thing in order to have a healthy life. But whenever one is drinking, one should make sure that they must drink pure and healthy water. These days water pollution has increased a lot and so it is never a good idea to drink regular tap water which has not gone under any purification process.


Portable Filter Healthy Times To Drink Clean And Purified Water


These days a lot of portable filters and water purifiers available in the market and one can pick any machine according to their necessity and use them on a regular basis at houses and at commercial spaces as well. One can do a little bit of research about the water purifiers available in the market and then decide what to buy.

Drinking water is not only very important, but it is mandatory in order to stay away from a lot of diseases. Now the question is when is the best time to consume water throughout the day? Well, one can get a clear idea here:

After Waking up

Well, it is a great idea to drink water just after waking up. One has to a good amount of water in an empty stomach when they wake up in the morning. There are many health experts who believe that this habit can help one to live a hassle free life. This practice can actually flush out all the toxins and bad elements from the system and as a result regular problems like gastritis, constipation, bloating and other digestive issues get solved. As a result one can have a hassle free body and a glowing skin.

 Before a Meal

This is a great practice to drink a glass of clean water just before having a meal. If one can have that glass of water at least 30 minutes before the meal then it can absolutely increase their digestive capacity. Also if one is thinking of losing weight then this habit can also help a lot. This is because; drinking a glass of water before meal and bring a sense of filling and so there is a reduction of appetite. This leads one to eat less food and they also get digested properly.

Before a Workout

If one exercise regularly and goes to a gym then the right time to drink water is at least 2 to 3 hours before one starts their exercise regime. This not only increases the proper blood circulation in the body by also aids in digestion. It also keeps the body hydrated and regulates the body temperature accordingly. Before starting the regular workout one needs proper warm up so that they can ensure if their joints and muscles are okay. Drinking a good amount of water can keep the joints lubricated and they can keep the body temperature under control. If one goes to work out in a dehydrated body then the muscles can tear down easily and it can lead to cramps.

After a Workout

Once the work out session is over, then one can face profuse sweating and the body also drains a major amount of water.  Then one can get affected by dehydration if they do not drink sufficient amount of water. This can really affect the overall health and the immunity system. Once the exercise routine is over, one needs to take half an hour of rest and let the body cool down. Then one should drink at least a glass of water and replenish the fluid amount that has been lost when they were working out.

When one is tired

When one is dehydrated, then it can actually lead to a lot of health issues. If the body is not hydrated then one can feel very low and exhausted. The best antidote to tiredness is definitely drinking a good amount of healthy water.  It is said that if there is even 1 percent of dehydration then the energy level in a human body drops immediately. If one drinks water, then they can immediately know the difference.

 When one feels thirsty

Well, this is a very obvious reason that why one should drink water. One feels thirsty means the body need some supply of water and feeling thirsty is a very clear signal of it. But when one feels thirsty then many a times they gulp down any sort of liquid like tea, coffee, or other aerated drinks but this is definitely not a good idea. And they can never be a replacement of healthy water. That is why; instead of going for any other drinks one should just gulp down a glass of water.

But it is not a good idea to drink a good amount of water before going to sleep. This is because drinking sufficient amount of water can create some pressure on the bladder and can cause sleep disturbance and one needs to wake up to go to the bathroom. But again drinking absolutely no water before sleep is also not good. One needs to drink at least a glass before going to sleep because the system can cleanse itself because it gets a lot of time when one is sleeping. Also one can stay hydrated at that time.

It is said that drinking water when one is having a meal is not really a good habit. Though it enters the digestive system and dilutes the digestive juices and so it can affect digestion. So, it is better to avoid drinking water when one is having food.

One can always drink water once the meal is over as it can help in breaking the food items properly and helps the body to absorb all the nutrients.


It is said that one needs to drink at least 8 glasses of water on a regular basis to stay hydrated. One can use an RO purifier at home and can get clean and healthy water in return. This water is devoid of any contaminants and chemicals and so it can help one to prevent regular stomach diseases like typhoid, diarrhoea and usual stomach upsets.

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