Healing Journey to the Amazon

Healing Journey to the Amazon

From Barbi Sama

Healing dieta with the Ashanika in the Amazon - with funds also supporting a major reforestation project via Yorenka Tasorentsi (a sustainability & educational centre).

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With an honest humility and also with a lot of shyness - I am reaching out to ask for support. By true initiation by the fire of Life, this last month has truly been the most challenging of my life.  While its hard for me to fully explain all the dynamics that have unfolded, what I can say is that I have been trying to disentangle from some deep energetic karmas that I can see have been really holding me back in my life for a very long time. 

7 weeks ago I was gifted an opportunity for new life in my womb space, but last week I miscarried…. showing me just how precious life is, and how much can all change in just a moment. It may have been that with all the stress and energy of the last weeks I wasn’t able to nurture this new life, or maybe it was just not meant to be. 

And so I have been dissolving….. shedding the identities, dreams, expectations… all of it!  I am now in a big open space of unknown…. taking some time to re-orient and listening to which way to go forward. 

One opportunity that is calling me forward it to travel into the Amazon to sit with a great healer, to cleanse and request that healing from the spirits of the forest.  It is the first time in a long while that I can't rely on any back-up savings after a series of strange travel events.And so I am seeing if a ‘crowd-funding’ could help me get there in 2 weeks. The diet costs $3000 US and I will cover some of this, plus travel. (*note that $3k in US dollars is actually $4000 Aus dollars)

This is a bit more expensive than other dietas because funds will also go towards a major reforestation project in the Amazon via the organisation Yorenka Tasorentsi (a sustainability & educational centre). 

 Please don’t share this page at all… its not intended for the public - I just wanted to make a space where it could be easy to donate.

I am open to borrowing the funds (with a 6 month pay back) instead of gifting, or offering an exchange of energy (ie. any sort of assistance with editing/writing, dictation, project management admin or yoga therapy). So please send me a private message if you are open to this as an option. 

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