Healing for Paul

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Healing for Paul

From Danielle Moskal

To help with any medical expenses during dad's treatment. This includes bridging the financial gap to pay the minimum monthly bills, food, gas and hospital/doctor bills. Any donation would be GREATLY appreciated!

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Dad got diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma, a rare/aggressive form of liver cancer, the beginning of January. He had 1 chemo treatment and that set him back quite a bit, and ending up resulting in mom and I having to call the ambulance to transport him to Firelands on February 4th. He was inpatient at Firelands for a few days before being transferred to UH late at night on February 9th. 


We have been trying to balance having someone here for him pretty much majority of the time due to his condition. But mom has been here majority of the time. Dad is fighting and we are just focusing on getting him back to at least how he was before the chemo treatment. 

Because of mom needing to be here majority of the time and dad being the main financial income for the household (his weekly disability checks are only a fraction of what he normally brings in), they're in a very strained financial situation. Even when mom goes back to work (she was working up until the call of the ambulance) money won't be just tight, it will be not enough, to put it frankly. I've been working hard to move finances around and see what all we can do and it's a very difficult situation. As if the condition that dad's in isn't extremely difficult and heartbreaking as it is. Mom, Austin and I are trying everything to figure out what we can do with finances is another major stressor.

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