Hard Times

Hard Times

From Sarah Moorman

Hi everyone. I am raising money for my family for times of economic hardship. There have been so many strange things that have effected my family economically the past 3 years. :(

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Hi everyone. I am raising money for my family for times of economic hardship. There have been so many strange things that have effected my family financially the past 3 years. I would first like to say that I am someone who has worked since I was 15 years old up until I was expecting my first child 4 years ago. I'd like to mention a few things to be specific as to explain a really bad spiraling down in my whole immediate family's finances. Starting with me, I have worked almost every day my whole life (part-time in high school), and with other jobs since after High School but a rare pregnancy related illness caused me to have to quit my job.

Because I was very ill, I lived with my parents and ended up ok later in the pregnancy and gave birth to my beautiful son. There was not affordable housing anywhere nearby for my son and I and my parents were charged legal fees for housing my son and I past the amount of months allowed for visitors under 55 because it was an age-restricted place. We all greatly value moms getting to stay with their babies/children for the first few years and luckily my son's father's family did too and my son's paternal grandfather helped some financially so I could stay home with my son.

We were very blessed soon after the no-success housing hunt to find an affordable place we all could live that was not age restricted in the same town. Long story short, there were many things that happened to cause a lot of financial hardship starting soon after our move. 

1st: The Hurricane - Within a couple of months of moving (which was very expensive), we (my mom, dad, brother John, son and self) evacuated to Tn. This was another unexpected expense and then my brother who had no insurance broke his leg while we were there. (some of you may have given to his GoFund me posted shortly after that hurricane - two hurricanes ago! and I thank you so much for that) - unfortunately not all expense needs were met and the surgery and med visits were great financial stressors! :(

2nd : Losing money on the Old Condo/Rent option on new condo no longer available - My parents had to sell their old condo to afford the new one - luckily, it was around the same amount per month but they had trouble renting it out at first and selling it and then the man we rented the new condo from gave us 1 month's notice he was selling it and the mortgage is over $300 more per month! My parents are old and my dad is not in good health - they could not go through another move again - we all made further adjustments. When they finally were able to sell the old condo they owned to pay for the new one they had to pay $30,000 in taxes. (This was not a high dollar condo, but one around $100,000.) They also didn't make any profit. :(

3. : My brother's other accident - Just when my brother was finally getting the niche for uber driving full time to pay his rent (in another town nearby), he got in a car accident (he was not hurt, thank God, but it wrecked his car badly). He couldn't afford to get it fixed and couldn't find another job so, he eventually lost his apartment and had to move in with us in Dec. 

4. : My mom lost a good paying seasonal job this year - My mom works part-time year round and worked full time at one 3-month long, seasonal job an hour away for a theater company every year to make ends meet. When they decided to hire someone locally this year, it was devastating. My parents are both around 70 and on a fixed income. My dad is disabled and not able to work. 

5. : My son's father's surgery - My son's father tore his meniscus, had surgery and is not able to work right now. My son and I could get by okay on the child support my son's father is legally obligated to send (my son's father lives in Michigan), even though it's not much ($250 a month) and he usually paid a month or two late. :S With that and help from the food stamps I had been getting since a few months after Bentley was born. I could at least pay most of our food (and supplies) expenses - (I don't have a car or insurance payments so I can live minimally, but now my son's father has not paid in many months, and the gov recently cut our food benefits some). :( His family no longer helps at all financially either and they haven't in years.

For the first time in twenty something years, my parents downsized to one car and I'm certainly not trying to embarrass anyone but also for the first time they said they couldn't help at all with food or supplies like toilet paper or anything when I asked recently (because I'm broke and have waited for months for promised payments that never came). :( Because their credit cards are maxed out and their savings are gone they can't help. Of course they should not be the ones who are embarrassed - they have done so much! So now (because of not having any child support in addition to my online ebay store having no sales in months) I'm having to charge groceries and basic necessities on credit cards I can't even pay! :S I worked 12 years to get my credit in good standing with my student loans and credit card debt - as a single mom I REALLY can't afford to see my credit go down the pooper! :(

Now that my son is 3 and I've seen a great spiraling down of everyone's financial situation, I have been looking for work, of course and my son is on several waiting lists for daycare but there are no openings right now in the area and I cannot afford daycare without government assistance and the requirements of work hours and specific daycares are very strict and limited to receive government funding. I'm hoping things will work out better eventually but there are no immediate openings with the right child care or job right now.Thank you so much to everyone who read this. Especially to you moms out there/caregivers who know how much the work you do daily is worth! Unfortunately regarding the stay-at-home moms out there/moms who work outside the home and in the home (meaning both), and regarding male and female caregivers of family and friends there often isn't proper compensation for the work done or proper compensation for providing for what deserving children/less fortunate people need without (sometimes) having to be greatly absent from our children/loved ones or having to sacrifice something that shouldn't have to be sacrificed. :(

I know several of you on fb have posted gofundme's for such worthy, great and important causes. I wish so badly I would have been able to give to them! :( I pray and hope that one day I will be blessed so abundantly that I will be able to be a major blessing to others in need! God Bless!!!

EDIT/Update: Now that dad recently passed of course there is greater economic hardship. I'm still looking for work and haven't received child support in 6 months. Thank you in advance for contributions if you are able/feel led to give.

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