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According to the World Bank, a quarter of India's 1.25 billion inhabitants live on less than S1.25 per day. I'm fundraising to assist in improving the living conditions in the slums of India. Please join on this journey.

Hands 4 Zero Poverty | H4ZP

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My name is Billy Cedeno. Twelve months ago, I had the opportunity to visit New Delhi, India, and volunteer there, teaching Math and English to children living in the slums. During my visit, I saw a significant number of communities living in extreme impoverished conditions; therefore, I have devoted myself to helping these people. My support includes assisting with education, providing financial support to child care centers, developing new assisting programs, etc. Although India has one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, this fact can hardly be noticed in the streets of its slums. Nearly a quarter of its 1.25 billion inhabitants live below the poverty line as defined by the World Bank (i.e. population living on less than $1.25 per day). This means that thousands of children, children as young as five years old, live in the streets with no access to regular food or education. Although there are a lot of organizations helping to improve the living conditions of the poor, it is not enough.

 In February of this year I plan to return to India for the third time in 12 months to continue working with the people living in the slums. During this trip I will continue teaching the children in the slums however; I will also have the opportunity to work with local NGOs to develop new programs to expand the reach to other communities in need. 

The slums are in desperate need of basic items, such as access to clean water, medical supplies, clothing, hygiene products, etc. The slums are also in need of a better education system for the new generation. These communities, distinctively, need people like you who can provide financial support. Support to improve the living conditions and enhance the educational experience of its inhabitants. I have created the Hands 4 Zero Poverty (H4ZP) campaign as a venue for you to provide financial support.  With the funds collected through the H4ZP campaign I will: 

  • Provide food (sacks of rice and lentils) to communities in extreme poverty.
  • Provide food to child care centers that support the children living in the streets.
  • Offer an open-house medical service in the slums, which will provide people the opportunity to obtain free medical checkups and access to basic medication.
  • Help promote education in the slums by providing school supplies (books, notebooks, pencils, etc) and offering scholarships.

These are just a few simple ideas; with your support, many more opportunities can be created. Some of these opportunities include initiation of an English Academy in the slums, providing free vaccinations to fight against common diseases, increasing school capacity for children with no access to education, etc. There are no boundaries when it comes to assisting communities with limited resources. 

I invite you to view the website I have created to help fight poverty in the slums of India: www.H4ZP.org. You can use the site to view photos from the slums, make further contributions, or simply provide feedback or suggestions about the fight against poverty.

Together we can make significant changes in the world. Small things become big when we all come together. 

Thank you for contributing in making the world a better place for all of us!

Billy Cedeno

Hands for Zero Poverty, creating new opportunities for those in need (http://www.h4zp.org).

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