Gun holster carry locations

Gun holster carry locations

From Mathew Philip

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We live in a world where insecurity is a huge problem and things seem to continue getting worse with every day that passes. As a result, being armed and ready to protect yourself against any adversity that you might face while going about your daily activities. When you have a gun, you need to be able to keep it safe whether it is on your person, in your vehicle, or even in your home. Ways of keeping your gun are only limited by your imagination. A gun can be kept anywhere it fits. On your body, you can keep your gun anywhere around your waist, ankle, thigh, arm, or shoulder among others.

In this article, I am going to discuss some of the locations on your body where you can keep your gun so that you can move about freely and safely without anyone even noticing that you have the weapon on you.

Hip carry

By far, the hip carry position is the commonest location where people keep their firearms. Traditionally, people have been keeping their firearms in this location since time immemorial. In fact, handguns and pistols are sometimes referred to as side arms because of the fact that they are kept to the side of the body.

In most cases, leather holsters are designed so that they can be fitted in a specific position of the body. When it comes to the hip, the holster can be designed so that it can be attached to a specific part of the hip. For instance, a holster can be designed so that it can be attached to the back, to the front, or to the side of the hip.

Shoulder carry

Shoulder carry is another position in which one can carry a gun. This position has been popularized in many TV shows over the years. Famous movie characters such as James Bond make wearing should gun carry holsters look so cool. Generally speaking, shoulder holsters are very comfortable and one of the most viable options for carrying a concealed firearm. When you wear a shoulder holster, you can to couple your attire with a jacket that can provide total concealment of the gun.

When you wear a shoulder holster, the gun hangs at your side and that way you can always know that it is there. This way, it is very easy to get accustomed to its presence. It also doesn’t get in your way when you need to engage in any activity.

Thigh and ankle

Another very popular way of carrying your gun is by strapping it to your thigh or ankle. A thigh holster and an ankle holster are very different because they are strapped to different parts of the body. Ankle holsters are simply straps that are wrapped around the ankle to hold your firearm. In most cases, firearms that are kept in a ankle holster are meant to serve as backup weapons only to be drawn when the primary weapon is not accessible for whatever reasons. This is in part because reaching the ankle to draw a weapon can take a lot of effort and time.

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