Guide to Fix the Disappearing Outlook Mails with Reasons

Guide to Fix the Disappearing Outlook Mails with Reasons

From Ben Allen

If your Outlook email disappears when clicked, this is one kind of error. We are here with a guide to fix these kinds of disappearing errors.

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Somedays, users might find in their Outlook email account some weird errors which they don't know how to fix occur. Issues that you cannot fix by yourself may occur at times. If your Outlook email disappears when clicked, this is one kind of error. We are here with a guide to fix these kinds of disappearing errors.

Reason mails get disappeared:

There are a few reasons that make your mail disappear from your mailbox which might also be for the following reason given below.

Deleting mails without their knowledge:

Sometimes accidentally even without our knowledge, we will tend to delete the mails in our Outlook account. In such a case, you can restore the mails in most simple methods.

When your Outlook account is not working, there will be a deleted folder in the left panel. By clicking on it, users can find all the deleted mails in that folder. You can simply select on the mail and then click the option restore.

Spam messages:

Spam email disappearing after opening Outlook can occur when you receive too many spam emails on your account. Basically, spam mails are unwanted junk mails that will be of no use. Anyhow if you assume that mail might be important, then same as the deleted folder you can also visit the spam folder. Check those mails that you found in the spam folder whether it is necessary or not.

Errors due to the configuration setting:

When users incorrectly set the settings of the POP or IMAP of an account, then this might also be the reason for disappearing mails. Once you correctly set this configuration setting, the error detected will vanish.

The account is inactive:

If you are far from your account for a longer period of time, that is, inactivity in your account can also cause disappearing errors.

Hacked account:

This is one terrific reason from all the above still nothing is there to worry about since we can recover the account. When someone changes the password of your account after hacking, errors like this might occur.

 Usually, for the above reasons that are on the list Outlook email disappeared error might appear.

Methods to fix the error:

Here are a few of the methods to fix the disappearing emails on our list. This will work out properly when you follow the instructions that are given below exactly.

Check the filter:

This is one of the main reasons most of the time for disappearing mail. So to fix this users will have to make a few changes in their filter settings as given below.

    Open your Outlook account, then users will have to click on the tab called ‘view’.

    Now from the view tab, you will have to tap on the view settings option.

    After that in the advanced view settings dialogue box, the user will have to click on the filter option. 

    Once you have completed this a filter dialogue box will appear, from there go to the more choices tab.

    Finally, in the box category check if any of the boxes are checked. If it is checked, all you have to do is uncheck all the boxes and click on the option ok.

With this amazing trick, users can easily fix the Outlook email missing from their inbox.

Use advanced find:

When you find that a few of your emails are missing in your account, you can do an advanced find.

    Go to your Outlook account and then head to the inbox.

    Now in the top section, to activate the search tools tab, click on its search box.

    After that select the advanced find from the drop-down menu.

    Now in the given column, you can enter a few details to do an advanced search.

With specialized software’s it is possible to recover the mail:

Get access to trustworthy software, effective software that can help users to retrieve lost email files, documents, videos, and even more features are there.

If you still have any queries and doubts that are related to disappearing mail, visit website. This is a blogging website where you could find solutions for all queries that are in relation to your mail.

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