Guide to Eco-Friendly Pest Control for Homeowners

Guide to Eco-Friendly Pest Control for Homeowners

From Raheel Bhatti

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To live an ethical life, one that makes the world a better place for future generations, is to make eco-friendly choices. Whether we're talking about the eco-friendly detergent you use for laundry to the eco-friendly pest control Dubai to hire to remove common household pests from your place—all these actions have a positive impact.

Make the right choice. Dealing with pests is every homeowner’s woe. Why not opt for these eco-friendly pest control methods that have a lasting impact?

Add Netting To Doors & Windows

Pests make their way into your home via doors and windows you keep open. While this is necessary to maintain good airflow, it is detrimental to your peace and health. Keeping the gateways open and getting bugs—and using insecticides daily to counteract them harms the environment.

Alternatively, you can add netting to your doors and windows. Keep crawling and flying pests out without constricting fresh air from getting in. Nets do make a difference to the aesthetics. However, plan carefully, and you will be able to add these in a visually appealing manner and maintain eco-friendly pest control measures.

Make A Natural Cleaner With Vinegar

There is an array of daily-use home cleaners in the store—but none are both effective and eco-friendly as the one you can make yourself at home. Some vinegar and dish soap with water makes a wonderful cleaning solution. Best of all, it repels pests.

Vinegar is acidic and therefore disliked by many small critters that make their way into your home despite nets. Adding vinegar to your daily wiping and mopping water will help keep the pests away. You can also use lemon in your eco-friendly pest control solution.

Use An Essential Oil Spray

Did you know that essential oils play an invaluable role in repelling pests? The pleasant lavender and citronella scent will make your home feel pleasant and play another role—the one of a pest repellant. You can make a diffuser mix with essential oils and water, or add a few drops to a water spray and spritz essential oil goodness around the house for eco-friendly pest control.

Here are some essential oils that appeal to the sense of smell and ward away various crawling and flying pests.

· Citronella

· Eucalyptus

· Lavender

· Peppermint

· Tea tree

Go For A Nutrient-Rich Soil In The Garden

When it comes to pests that roam outdoors, you need to focus on making your garden naturally bug-free. Therefore, go for excellent soil. Adding soil that is brimming with nutrients is a way to ensure that your plants grow healthy. Moreover, it's a way to ensure that your plants do not attract harmful pests.

Poor quality seedlings, soil, and fertilizer increase the likelihood of pest infestation—and thus, the frequent use of pesticides. Prevention is a superb eco-friendly pest control move you can take to growing and maintaining a garden.

Use Different Traps For Different Pests

Instead of insecticide powders and sprays that harm the environment and compromise your health, go for mouse traps and stick mats. You may need professional assistance here, but this method is eco-friendly and effective in the long run.

Additionally, pests like cockroaches eventually become immune to the excessive use of regular insecticides. They learn how to evade and live with them. On the other hand, traps are effectively manufactured to attract pests and trap them. You can even trap flying insects such as fleas and mosquitoes in quality traps.

Call Eco-Friendly Pest Control

You can use many eco-friendly pest control methods to handle a pest problem independently. However, in case you're facing a severe infestation or any of the techniques you've applied are not working—then it is time to call in the pros. Delaying a meticulous expert pest control service will only worsen the matter and require drastic control measures, which may not be eco-friendly.

A pest inspection and removal service focusing on ethical and eco-friendly products and techniques is the best help you can get. Eco-friendly pest control services not only target treatments towards areas of high traffic of pests (and avoid treatments in unnecessary places) but also do a thorough job in one go.

There are a number of ways the above-mentioned methods work in favor of your health and well-being and environmental safety. First, eco-friendly methods deliver better long-term results. Pests cannot easily develop resistance to natural pest removal methods, ultimately saving you time and money.

Then, you've got good bugs and bad bugs (the pests!). Eco-friendly pest removal measures protect the good bugs as well as any wildlife in your surroundings. If you have cats, dogs, or any other pets in your home, eco-friendly pest removal methods help keep them safe too.  

If you aren't sure which eco-friendly method of pest removal is the most effective one, opt for professional consultation and services.

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