Twin Cities Grocery Express

Twin Cities Grocery Express

From Faith Ellen

I'm a Minneapolis teacher raising funds for a 16 PASSENGER SHUTTLE BUS w/WHEELCHAIR LIFT. The shuttle will connect vulnerable people living in "food deserts or food swamps" to grocery stores, farmers markers, and pha...

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About 1.6 million Minnesotans lack easy access to healthy foods. Minnesota ranks seventh-worst for the share of residents with no grocery options close to their homes. 

Riots and redlining have rendered food deserts, particularly East Lake Street/Minnehaha, parts of Frogtown, and North Minneapolis with no access to fresh food and daily living supplies.

So what exactly is a food desert or food swap?

Well, the USDA defines a food desert as a low-income area that has a significant number of residents living more than 10 miles from a big grocery store in rural areas or more than one mile in urban areas. 

Consumers living in food deserts face a smaller variety of groceries and higher food prices. Limited access to healthy food is associated with a lower consumption of fruits and vegetables, and a higher probability of obesity and other dietary related health problems. 

How can we help?

Twin Cities Express will be providing a shuttle service for FREE 1x a week for residents that lack access to healthy food and essentials. We will connect residents to grocery stores, farmer's markets, and pharmacies. 

Check out our website:

This little shuttle bus is only $7,000. It won't change the world, but it could improve the lives of roughly 12 people a week by providing access to healthy foods, medicine, and other essential items. In just one month, this shuttle could increase independence for 48 people in the metro area living in "food deserts." In only one year, this female-owned and operated endeavor has the potential for positively impacting 576 people! In the immortal words of Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

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