Theule Poplavska Grenoble Ukrainian Refugee Center

Theule Poplavska Grenoble Ukrainian Refugee Center

From Luke Theule

Provide Ira and 2 daughters temporary housing and support as Ukrainian refugees and position them to make long-term life changing decisions.

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Please support Lena's hometown close friend since 6th grade Ira and her 2 daughters as they leave their husband/father behind in Ukraine and travel to Grenoble for temporary shelter. Luke's brother and sister-in-law, Josh and Steph (in Grenoble, France), have been actively communicating with Ira in Ukraine to bring her to Grenoble and have offered to provide temporary housing. Ira is crossing over into Romania tomorrow and will take a train to meet Steph at some midpoint location.

Ira is crossing with very little for herself and 2 kids. She is in limbo. Josh and Steph, and with your help, can provide a safe place for her to process everything that is going on, pause for a while to gather information in a very fluid situation, and then be in a position to make a decision that will greatly determine her family's long-term future. 

The EU has just unanimously agreed to provide temporary residency to Ukrainians for 1 year, and possibly up to 3. It's the details of the assistance that need to be sorted out still. Canada is offering new immigration streams to Ukrainians. The US has not, yet. And meanwhile Ira's husband is back in Ukraine preparing to fight.

In speaking with Josh and Steph they feel $5,000 will be sufficient to provide support to Ira and her kids for several weeks. They need to provide a make-shift kitchen for them, food, utilities, clothing that fit, travel expenses, etc are all necessities.

Ira is just one friend/family of Lena's that is in this situation. Friends are in Poland, on buses, trains, moving about Europe with their kids while their husbands are back in Ukraine. They are all just stunned and trying to figure out what is next. Several have asked about coming to join us in Grand Rapids, but that isn't possible until refugee status is given. Josh and Steph have indicated a neighbor of theirs also is willing to take in a family and so there's a chance another friend and kids will travel to Grenoble. 

All that to say, please help provide Ira and her kids a safe place to just stop for a bit to give them time to comprehend their situation and options, and then for her to make the best decision they can on their future. Josh and Steph and providing amazing assistance for an absolute stranger but more help is needed. If there is money left over, it will be used to help additional people or just given to Ira to help her in her next step, whichever direction that is.

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