Great Games and How They Can Help Charity

Great Games and How They Can Help Charity

From Jhon White

Great Games and How They Can Help Charity

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Games are some of the most incredible entertainment options around today, but they can also be used as incredible tools to help raise funds for charity. This article aims to highlight some fantastic games for you to play and also to discuss how you could raise funds for charity while you’re at it.

4 Brilliant Games You Should Try

There are so many fantastic games around nowadays that it is almost impossible to do the range of them justice, but if you are looking for a quick selection of some of the best titles around today, then you should start with the games below.

1 - The Last of Us. Story-rich and fantastic to play, the last of us takes the relatively stale zombie apocalypse concept and weaves an incredible web out of it. From story to gameplay to level design, this masterpiece is truly a wonderful experience and definitely a game that you should make a point to play at least once. Although, with the freedom of playstyles available, you are sure to want to give it more than one run-through.

2 - Hades. When it comes to roguelikes, the gaming community is generally pretty divided regarding appreciation for the genre, which makes it all the more impressive how universally adored Hades is. This incredible roguelike experience has made its mark on the gaming world with its incredible story, impeccable gameplay, and wonderfully witty writing.

3 - Monster Hunter: Rise. The monster hunter series has long been a fan favorite IP in Nintendo’s wheelhouse. However, the release of Monster Hunter: Rise has brought with it some truly wonderful gameplay mechanics, unique monsters, and wonderful companions that are sure to make it a fan favorite for years to come. In particular, the implementation of incredible wall-running and wyvern-riding mechanics have made the game a delight to play and are sure to become staples of the games for years to come.

4 - Browser Games. Lastly, if you are looking for a great way to play games quickly online, then you can’t really go wrong with great game sites such as where you are sure to have a wonderful gaming experience. These sites don’t have the kind of polish you will find on triple-A and console games, but they often more than make up for that with personality and flair.

How You Can Use Games to Help Charity

Now that you’re in the mood for gaming, you’re surely wondering how on earth you can turn these incredible titles towards such a noble cause as supporting charity. Well, dear reader, there are a couple of easy ways to do just that.

Charity Livestreaming. The first is to create a charity livestream. This is where you start streaming with the intention of raising awareness (and possibly funds) for a particular charity that you feel is in need of attention.

Fundraising Challenges. The second is challenge fundraising. This is a simple concept wherein you set out to complete a challenge or challenges within a game and raise funds for charity in the process. This could be done during a stream, where viewers can donate while they watch you play.

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