"Let's Turn it Up to Eleven!" A Fundraiser for Girls Rock Campaign Boston

"Let's Turn it Up to Eleven!" A Fundraiser for Girls Rock Campaign Boston

From Girls Rock Campaign Boston (GRCB)

GRCB empowers girls to believe in themselves by providing a supportive community that fosters self-expression, confidence, and collaboration through music education and performance

Girls Rock Campaign Boston (GRCB)

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“Let's Turn It Up to Eleven!” Fundraising Campaign

After four blockbuster summers of programming for girls, GRCB is eager to launch into the next phase. We have big plans in 2014 to serve more girls year round, increase community outreach, and work to expand and diversify the group of girls we serve and volunteers we work with year round.

To accomplish these goals, we’ve set an ambitious, but achievable, fundraising goal of $11,000 for the first phase of our programming in 2014.

To make our dreams a reality, we need your support. Funding GRCB’s “Turn It Up to Eleven” campaign will enable us to:

  • Continue to offer and expand our year round programming, CLUB GRCB.  In October 2013, GRCB began our first ever after school program for girls in 6th-12th grade.  We are excited to extend our mission of empowering girls through music education and performance year round.

  • Support our efforts to secure a facility that will meet our programming needs year-round.

  • Implement a community outreach strategy to increase the participation in GRCB programming and diversify our base of participants and volunteers. Through public outreach events and strategic partnerships we will build a broader base of support and movement for girls empowerment in the greater Boston area.

  • Provide our volunteers with the day-to-day necessities and keep them well fed and hydrated throughout the week. Our volunteers are those who put the best interests of the girls first and who understand and fully believe in our mission.  Help support our volunteers as they have supported us.

  • Ensure our ability to hold workshops that are educational, recreational and empowering! Workshops such as Silk Screening your own Band T-shirt, Song Writing, Media Literacy, and Self Defense help our girls express themselves while providing them with positive, self-esteem-building tools.  

  • Help supply us with the guitars, basses, amplifiers, microphones, keyboards, drum kits, and ear plugs that will keep girls playing loud and strong all week.

  • Provide scholarships for girls to attend a GRCB Summer Session! Every year GRCB works with schools in the Greater Boston Area by providing full scholarships to students in need.  Your donation will help fund this effort and allow us to continue to expand our community each year.


About Us 

Girls Rock Campaign Boston (GRCB) empowers girls to believe in themselves by providing a supportive community that fosters self-expression, confidence, and collaboration through musical education and performance.

In week-long sessions run by adult female community volunteers, girls gain meaningful life skills of collaboration, problem solving, and positive self-expression in a creative, supportive environment.  During each session, girls meet and form bands, learn how to play an instrument (guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, or vocals), compose original songs and perform live to hundreds of family, friends and community members at a prominent local rock venue - all in one week’s time.  

GRCB provides daily workshops geared towards self-esteem building, self-reflection and expression every morning. In the process of collaborating with their bands, girls are encouraged to share their ideas as well as listen to each other, think critically, negotiate, and participate in conflict resolution--all essential life skills that help them succeed in their future goals and activities as they mature.

Providing a safe space for girls and women, GRCB hopes to become a key element in fostering leadership and confidence as girls transition into adult lives. Though we at GRCB are excited when girls continue to play their instruments and express themselves through music, our programming is far more based in self-esteem building.  The main objective is for a change in behavior in girls who had previously felt held back from pursuing their own goals or interests, whether starting a band, creating a winning science fair project, excelling in a sport, or running for student government.

Learn more at www.girlsrockboston.org


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