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We are raising money to help our elders in small renovations to their home and making sure all their needs are met this winter. If you are in the position to support please do!!

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This a Fundraiser for my partner's Grandmothers.

 I am getting ready to travel to the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming Home to the Eastern Shoshone & Northern Arapaho , To support my partner as they prepare to move in with their Grandmother and Great Grandmother to become their caretaker. We are raising money to cover basic supplies cost and needs to create a more comfortable environment for them to reside in.

Due to land extraction and the continued war  against Indigenous People there are a multitude of actions that need to be taken to make this home habitable.

Since the Late 50's Uranium has been being mined from these lands using sulfuric acid and leaving unattended toxic waste everywhere. The water, the soil, and the air are extremely contaminated. This reality affects everyone but the elders and the children are most susceptible to these toxins. On the reservation due to extraction the water has a very high level of uranium and should not be ingested. Unfortunately due to lack of support and resources this water is still used in daily consumption. Studies show that elevated levels of uranium from any source, including drinking water, can increase a person's risk of kidney damage which may lead to kidney failure. The kidney is the most sensitive organ for damage by uranium. Over time, drinking water that contains uranium can increase a person's estimated lifetime risk of cancer.

Nearly four out of 10 Wind River Indian Reservation residents report that a blood relative has died of cancer.

There are very limited access to reliable healthcare services on the reservation.

My partner's grandmother is a 5 year cervical cancer survivor and 2 years ago was diagnosed with kidney failure. Since then the function of their kidney's has gotten progressively worse. For the last year in a half she has been on dialysis.

The Dialysis Center is approximately a 1 hour drive from their home and they have to go 3-4 times a week for 4 hours each day. My partner drives their grandma to and from dialysis. They stay for the treatment and advocate for proper care from the nurses.

Due to the status of their organs and the dialysis treatment she is required to up keep a very strict and tedious diet. Up until this point she has been having a hard time maintaining the diet because she is making all the meals for the household. My partner hopes that with her presence she can support her grandmother in meal prep and cooking so that she can properly heal. Her grandmother takes care of her 2 grandsons, brother and mother(my partners great grandmother).

My partners great grand mother is the second eldest member of their tribe. She is a wisdom keeper and fluent speaker of their native language. She has expressed interest in recording the language and songs we are excited to support and learn from her.

Our goal for this Fundraiser is to make these beautiful elders feel as comfortable as possible.

 All donations will be used to cover supplies cost for the household.

A couple years ago there was plumbing issue in the upstairs bathroom that leaked down into basement creating some black mold. We want clean it up and properly protect ourselves to do that work. Some of the money will go to getting the items necessary to tend to this thoroughly. We also would like to purchase all organic non toxic cleaning supplies for the household and some air purifiers.

We also plan to get food for the home and work on a meal plan that follows the right diet. We hope to be able to purchase a large amount water as well to avoid the continued consumption of the contaminated uranium water.

Last but not least we plan to use the money to get new bedding, pillows, and warm clothing for the grandmas.

"I was raised by my grandmothers who taught me the importance of preservation and perseverance. Growing up on the Rez is tuff but they made me strong through truth. Their story and light shine through me where ever I travel. My great grandmother is ninety-six and is still teaching me things everyday." - LW

P.S. (At some point we would like to get them new mattresses as well. If you have connects or would like to help with this please reach out.)

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