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Grace in Grief exists to meet mothers where they are at in their grief process after a miscarriage. We send them a care package containing a journal, paper seed, chapstick, and loved baby book - and walk with them in it.

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Grace in Grief exists to meet mothers where they are at in their grief process associated with miscarriage. Often times in our culture there is not space, time or convenience to grieve the loss of a child. The grief process looks different for each person but it is essential for healing to allow oneself to grieve.We are here to love on and support moms in that time of darkness and give friends and family a resource to support the grieving moms they’re in contact with. We are here to remind moms that they are loved, their baby is remembered and this is not the end. We have come to realize that there can be beauty that comes from the deepest hurts of loss. We hope to see transformation occur in the way miscarriage, loss and grief are approached in our culture.

.The loss of our sweet babes- Noah, Reagan and Oaks- has motivated us to step in to this gap and fill it the best we know to do. Offering grace - the gift that was so needed for our grieving hearts and a gift that doesn’t leave individuals hurting more..The means by which we hope to offer this grace is through a tangible package with resources to let moms know they are not alone, their pain is real and hope is available.Grace in Grief's Care Package:We are including a few items in the initial care package: a journal, the book Loved Baby, seed paper and lip balm.  A journal - to have space to write out, draw and express yourself throughout this season of loss. Writing is a powerful tool that can be used to fully express your emotions and feelings in the fullest way. It’s also a very healing thing to be able to look back and see your journey unfold. Grief is often confusing and doesn’t make sense and so writing down your thoughts and feelings is a good way to get it out and work through processing it all. Loved Baby - is a great resource and devotional for moms who are dealing with a miscarriage that is written by a mom who has gone through miscarriage and is seeking to turn the pain and grief she and other women have experienced into hope and emotional support that is so badly needed by moms during this season. She has a desire to meet mothers in this pain and walk through it with them. The daily devotions help guide you through the season of loss with questions that facilitate deeper processing of your experience to bring true healing and restoration in your story. Did you know that in America 1 in 4 women experience miscarriage? She addresses the overwhelming need for love and support for the huge number of women going through this grief.Seed Paper- this is a type of eco-friendly, biodegradable paper that is meant to be planted in the yard, flower pot or garden. You can plant this paper as is and watch life spring from the earth in remembrance of your babe. You can choose to write a letter to your baby or write out your hurts, bury them in the ground and watch life come from that pain. This is a beautiful symbol that death is not the end story here. There is hope. Lip Balm- a simple but comforting item to have on hand. It’s easy to neglect your physical needs during the grief process so this is a simple reminder to take care of yourself and give yourself grace during this season. Dry lips aren’t fun so we are helping you out!

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