Goodbye Alley Cat

Goodbye Alley Cat

From Daniel Pina

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Hello Animal Lovers,

I am asking for donation to reach $250.00 to help pay for a fine the Town of Palm Beach has imposed on me for feeding a homeless cat.

My story starts with meeting a feral cat where I worked.  I first saw this black cat hiding in a corner of the building because it was raining. I felt so bad that I walked to the grocery store and bought a can of cat food. The owner of the store notice I was feeding the cat near the entrance so he asked that I feed the cat in the parking lot near the trees and fence.  I complied.

I continued to feed this cat twice a week and then, one day, it let me pet its head. I was so happy!  I named the cat Alley. I fell in love with this cat and vowed to continue to feed him. Unfortunately, I was let go from the company I was working for at the time but I still made it a point to feed the cat twice a week.

Fast forward 5 years…on 2/10/21, at 7 pm at night I went to see Alley and give him some cat food. I was confronted by a police officer in the parking lot who asked what I was doing. I believe he was waiting for me because no police car followed me into the parking lot. I told him I was just feeding a homeless cat. He asked me for my license number and ran a background check on me and my car. He told me I had committed a code violation by feeding the feral cat.  I told him I was not aware that this was a violation and that I would leave and not feed the cat anymore.  He said I have to site you, the fine is $250.00.  $250.00!!!

Obviously I would have never fed this cat in Palm Beach if I knew there were instant penalties. I am now tagged as a nuisance to Palm Beach County and can no longer feed my beloved feral friend.  I will miss Alley very much! I noticed that there are other people feeding the cat as well.  Please beware!  Do not get caught doing this. 

Currently, I am working less hours a week during the Covid pandemic so I am reaching out for a little help. If you have ever fed a hungry cat you will understand how I feel. The payment is due before 3/18/2021.

Thx for your time and Donation.

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