Good results in competitions

Good results in competitions

From Mathew Philip

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The world of fitness and nutrition

In the sports world, great advances have been made in terms of the knowledge that so far exists about the relationship between training and nutrition, these two elements are key factors to improve performance, and especially body composition. This is how we see the best bodybuilders in the world, who participate in competitions such as Mr. Olympia, spend several hours in the gym to obtain great results in competitions, but it is important to keep in mind that they have nutrition regimens which they must comply to achieve those results. On the other hand, we can also mention the competitors of great soccer teams, Olympic athletes, etc; which, like a bodybuilder, comply with diet regimens so that they achieve good performance during their training sessions and of course in competitions. It is clear that highly competitive athletes have a team of doctors or nutrition specialists who are in charge of knowing the body composition, and everything necessary to make the necessary diet that allows the athlete to meet the desired expectations in the competitions and training.

Using supplements for muscle mass growth

With the above it is more than clear that nutrition is the key factor to achieve good results in terms of performance and body composition in an athlete. However, it is important to note the role that certain advances in nutrition play, we are talking about nutritional supplements, however we must bear in mind that our body already contains these supplements, which are synthesized and degraded simultaneously, in the muscle skeletal in response to high intensity loads such as weight and high resistance exercises where a hormonal increase is carried out that provides it with muscular plasticity. One of the most recurrent objectives of an athlete is to increase their muscle mass, every day many doubts arise about the use of supplements that should be ingested to achieve this objective as efficiently and quickly as possible. Without a doubt the most important factor that objective is the diet, however in many cases the use of extra supplements is recommended for greater sports benefits, they are molecules that are formed in our body and are stored in the muscles in a more synthesized way, there are supplements such as proteins, creatine molecules, BCAAs or branched chain amino acids. There are other supplements of great interest within this group, pre-training with nitric oxide enhancers are added, and natural anabolic enhancers such as peptides, the latter may be interesting for those who have low testosterone levels either due to age or some hormonal problem.

Let's talk about SARMS

SARMs, or selective androgen receptor modulators, are peptides that have a predilection for androgen receptors and that have a positive effect on skeletal muscle and bones, for which there are currently several studies which demonstrate beneficial results in athletes, showing increased strength and muscle mass. Although these substances are still under study, there are currently some of these peptides available on the market such as the SARMs PT 141, MK 677-RAD 140, belonging to the brand Paradigm Peptides, which have shown benefits in athletes. It is important to mention that these substances should be used under medical supervision because they can have side effects, and it should be known about it before using them.

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