Good health can be created with 5 methods

Good health can be created with 5 methods

From Zulfqar Chachar

Everyone wants to have good health, but today's lifestyle has many temptations, whether it's food. Social media addiction rarely have time to exercise these are all causes of our health deterioration. So I have an eas...

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Everyone wants to have good health, but today's lifestyle has many temptations, whether it's food. Social media addiction rarely has time to exercise these are all causes of our health deterioration. So I have an easy way to build good health that I want to tell you about. If the girls have followed it, I can assure you that your health will definitely improve. You can find out more by clicking here. For health site here more smile tips can be found. On this site, you can find all the information related to health.

1.   The choice of food

I can't deny that Food is one of the most important factors for the body. Whether there will be good or bad results depends on choosing the right food. Because the body will be used to develop and repair in different parts, should reduce foods that are high in calories, fried, and grilled - or foods with a lot of fat  Because if the body does not burn completely, it will eventually become fat in the body. The best way should be to eat all 5 food groups in the right amount. Choose only nutritious foods.

2.   Brain exercise

 Try to find a game to train your brain, such as crossword games, picture positioning games, spotting games, Sudoku games, or Chinese chess games, etc. You should turn to eat more fruits such as oranges, grapes, and berries. Because these types of fruits contain antioxidants that can reduce symptoms of forgetfulness or laughter, it helps blood flow better because the body will secrete chemicals in the nervous system that relax. This will have a positive effect on the body, mind, and people around you will be happy as well.

3.   Take a break from social media use

These days, no matter where you turn or what you do, you have to take pictures. Share information so you don't miss important events, which is used in the right amount will give us good results  But if using too much, in addition to making people addicted to social media. It may also cause eye muscle fatigue. Or dry eyes due to staring at the screen for a long time May cause blurred vision, blurred vision, or nearsightedness the best way is to rest your eyes. And exercise our eyes as well, such as blinking, rolling eyes to prevent dry eyes. Or looking at distant objects will help to relax the eyes down. And if reducing social media will make you not have to stress from consuming news. Better mental health

4.      Exercise

Exercise in addition to good health. Because the internal organs in the body will work more efficiently It also gives us immunity to be far away from various diseases. Mental health is good as well. You should exercise for at least 30 minutes a day after work. Try walking and exercising in a park near your home, or you can run, do aerobics, all of which will keep your body healthy. But if someone doesn't really have time to exercise, household chores may also be helpful, such as gardening, sweeping, mopping, and washing the car.

5.   Get enough rest

Once the daily routines have been completed the best rest is sleep because the body will be able to fully repair and recover. You should sleep for 8 hours and sleep for a period of time because if you sleep too late the body can get tired. It also has negative consequences such as wrinkles, the risk of various diseases. The best way is to get enough rest. When waking up for a new day the body will be refreshed and alert throughout the day.

Walk in the right way Say goodbye to calories

Brisk walking

Walking slowly or walking won't burn as many calories. The effective walk is “You have to walk and get tired.” Therefore, when walking, you should walk quickly. Frequent footsteps will help burn calories from the leg and hip muscles Blood vessels work more it is training for the heart to work better as well.

Swing arm

Under our armpits, there are lymph nodes. So, swinging your arms will help your lymph nodes have better circulation. It drives toxins and wastes out of the body. How to swing the arms should swing back to the very end, swing to the front to relax by swinging alternately with the legs that step forward. If done correctly, it will help reduce the accumulation of fat under the skin and abdomen. Plus, swinging your arms back and forth helps manage the shoulder area. Makes you relieve shoulder pain, shoulder pain from working in front of the computer for a long time as well.

·      Alternate walking and running

Some healthy people walking alone may not feel tired enough. Not feeling tired; means that it doesn't work. Therefore, we may be beyond alternating running. To help increase the work of the heart, such as walking 40 steps, running 40 steps, then gradually reduce the number of walks to increase the number of runs. For this, it is recommended to do it in the evening rather than in the morning. Otherwise, you'll probably be sweating all day.

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