Gods Grace

Gods Grace

From Michelle and Ryan Barone

We are raising money for medical expenses and secondary expenses Gracie's parents will incur for her treatment of Neuro Blastoma. Please show your love and support for the Ferluge family by donating.

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As many of you have recently been made aware, Gracie Ferluge (5), the youngest daughter of Dina and Craig Ferluge, has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. While this is a rare and difficult diagnosis for anyone to receive, Gracie is a fighter and a champion at heart. If you have ever met Gracie, you know that her spirit is electric, and she has an energy like no other!

Gracie is being cared for by the nations most experienced physicians with this form of cancer at Memorial Sloan Kettering, located in New York City. Of course, winning a battle against cancer, which our little Champion Gracie will do, takes a toll on any family. For the Ferluge family, this fight will take a lot of resources from financial to emotional. Gracie’s current treatment pathway is already underway. She is scheduled to receive 5 rounds of chemotherapy, with surgery (and possibly multiple surgeries) planned between the 3rd and 4th rounds of chemotherapy. After chemotherapy and surgeries are complete, Gracie will undergo at least 6 months of radiation therapy coupled with immunotherapy and vaccine therapy that will specifically target the genetic sequence of her cancer. These additional therapies will ensure her body eliminates this disease entirely should it try to rear its ugly head again.

Many of you have asked what you can do to help. Our goal in putting this page together is to raise funds to help cover medical expenses and all the additional financial expenditures that come along with a prolonged treatment pathway to CURE GRACIE’S CANCER, which no family anticipates or can plan ahead for. As you can imagine, Craig and Dina will spend countless weeks and months in the hospital with Gracie. They will also carry the burden to try and maintain some sort of normalcy for their other daughter’s, Siena (8) and Olivia (6), while they manage the bubble around Gracie during chemotherapy treatments. Chemotherapy will weaken Gracie’s immune system and she will be very vulnerable to sickness and infections. With the approaching flu/covid season, Dina and Craig have decided to switch school enrollment for Siena and Olivia to 100% remote learning for 3rd and 1st grades, respectively. To assist with all the above, they have hired a full-time nanny and educational tutor. All monies raised in this campaign will help with the unplanned expenditures outlined above. Any unused funds will be donated to the Band-of-Parents (www.bandofparents.org), which is a grassroots, nonprofit organization that funds innovative research and clinical trials for neuroblastoma, helping increase the survival rate for this childhood cancer. 

We are asking first-and-foremost for your love and fervent prayers. If you can help financially, that too. This will be a long road for the Ferluge Family. As of right now, doctors project Gracie’s battle with this disease to last at least one year, and possible more. Our goal is to help make that time a little less stressful on them so that they can maintain a semblance of normalcy for their family. We love Craig, Dina, Gracie, Siena, and Olivia as many of you do as well. Their family has had a lasting impact on ours; through their love, generosity, authenticity, and support no matter what the circumstances. We hope that if they have had anywhere near the impact on you and your family as they have had on ours, that you will be compelled to pray and then give if you can. God bless you-all and the Ferluge Family in this difficult season.

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