Global Relief Fund For Orphanages

Global Relief Fund For Orphanages

From Elizabeth Collins

During natural disasters or emergency crisis, people’s first source of help is from their local nonprofit organizations to help them survive for a certain number of days until they can get back to their own feet. Howe...

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There is no one more vulnerable than children without a family and a home they can call their own, especially during a pandemic. Children orphanages cannot just stop their operations and leave children out in the street. A Global Relief Fund is going to help sustain their access to supplies they need to take care of their children.

1. Meritxell Children’s World Foundation, Inc. | Philippines

Started in 2008, Meritxell Children’s World Foundation is providing a caring and nurturing environment for abandoned, neglected and orphaned children. However, in the midst of community lockdowns in the Philippines, their supply of food and other household items have slowly diminished.

2. Royal Seed Orphanage | Ghana

Royal Seed Orphanage started providing food, shelter and education for needy and homeless children in Ofaakar, Ghana (West Africa). It currently houses almost 150 children and strives to continue helping more children in need. But due to the pandemic, it can no longer provide nutrition, medical care and education that these children need when donations are on hold.

3. LAR Maria de Lourdes | Brazil

In June 1998, LAR Maria de Lourdes have started accepting bedridden children and those with disabilities in their facilities; and, have provided special care for them in the areas of physiotherapy, psychology, dentistry, social work, medical and nutrition. But now that COVID-19 has started spreading in the country, their supplies are now running out and prohibits them to continue medical care for these children.

4. Amitabha Malaysia Old Folks Home and Orphanage | Malaysia

Founded in 1998, Amitabha Malaysia have long uphold their motto “help the needy and relieve the distressed.” They do so by opening their orphanage regardless of religious beliefs, ethnics and races. As the Movement Control Order (MCO) is being implemented all over Malaysia, the 22 children residing in the orphanage are in dire need of help as donations have been halted to support them. The orphanage is now running low on daily necessities and face masks or PPEs for their staff.

Global Relief Fund for Orphanages will be raising funds for the above-mentioned organizations. The above list will continue to be updated from time-to-time as more calls come from different organizations. 

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