Injured Artist Needs Your Help

Injured Artist Needs Your Help

From Jean Vanderfield

Your donation will help us after my lengthy hospitalization due to a nearly fatal blood infection, which came on the heels of my wife's battle with cancer and 9 reconstructive surgeries. Help us not lose all 3 yrs ha...

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Your contribution will help pay overwhelming initial medical costs of my recent lengthy hospital stay, keep us from possibly losing our home, help continue my recovery by paying doctor's bills enough to return to complete my physical rehabilitation, and aid in continuing my art when I am able to get back to my sufficient health.

     This injury comes after our still trying to recover from my wife's HER2+ cancer, bilateral radical mastectomy, and 9 reconstructive surgeries, which was only months after my lower spine surgery.  We are only needing to get through this challenging time until I can return to work and support us once again. With me losing two months of work time, we are in a position where we could lose the place we live and my attached shop, as we own our mobile home, but rent the land and the home is unable to be moved. So we are in dire need of assistance and your donation can make a huge difference as to what will happen over the next months and also aid our future financial situation greatly.

I am a recycled metal sculptor , just beginning to get better known for my animated and static salvaged metal sculptures. I have just gotten to the point where commissioned works are starting to support us and I have been recently full time producing sculptures, seen on and my Instagram profile, #jeanclaudevanderfield .  I suffered a bad fall near the first of November, that led to me going to the hospital ER. There, they also discovered I was in advanced stages of blood infection with MRSA that was only days from taking my life. I spent most of the month of November ( discharged the 27th) in isolation having infusions, also had to have surgery while still there, and contracted aspiration pneumonia as well as complications of surgery that left me unable to walk for some time. After another 5 days of IV infusions to heal the pneumonia and medications to reduce nerve swelling from the surgical complications, I am back home and trying to recover use of my shoulder and neck enough to return to work. It will take another 3-4 weeks of physical therapy and medicine to get back to building sculptures, so it will have been nearly 2 months of lost wages, a huge impact for anyone, and especially since we were just starting to get work steady.  

   I have orders for three commissioned art pieces that clients have been kind enough to wait for my recovery to see built. Those were to pay for our normal bills, food, and replace my welder since my current one has finally decided to start dying. I had also hoped to take a couple pieces I had to 3 shows to try to sell them November.  But none of that was possible due to me being in the hospital the whole month practically. So, what your donation will do is get us to the point that I'm able to weld to build and complete those commissioned pieces and get paid for them, and in the meantime before, it gets the necessary bills paid to the point we can take care of the rest when I return to work , pays rent, and buys food and other necessities.  Without your help, I will not be able to continue my work, lose all we have been trying to slowly build, may lose our place to live, and not be able to pay the specialist to fully recover my shoulder injury.

We are just looking for an opportunity to get back on our feet so we can no longer be a burden to others, and your donation at this critical time can help us stay out of poverty and a worse situation than just being out of work for some time.  

Thank you for your consideration , generosity, and help in making a difference in our life. Your help will go much further than you know and is deeply appreciated by my wife and I, words cannot express our thanks nearly enough.

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