AfriBike: Give Children the Wheel to Learn

AfriBike: Give Children the Wheel to Learn

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We are raising money to provide the children of Tumbilini village, Tanzania with bicycles. This initiative aims to enable their access to school, which until now has been impractical and hopeless.

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Introduction to the Project

Our project is called AfriBike and has been initiated to provide the children in Tumbilini village of Tanzania fair and better chances to access and attend school.

It will be run under the umbrella of Africraft a German- Tanzanian entity operating as a NGO in Dar es Salaam, whose activity concerns not only environmental awareness, but also local communities’ empowerment through constant training and appliance of several educational programs in schooling communities.

Likewise, the Afribike project aims to support & therefore empower the youth of rural areas by facilitating their full access to such a basic right as this of Education.

Our team was inspired this initiative by observing these contradictory worlds of Germany and Tanzania and detecting the need of merging them for a noble cause. Specifically, if one drives around the remote rural areas of the country will witness children in uniforms making their way towards or from school back home on foot. The latter, results in a lack of energy & concentration which in turn, averts them from attending classes at all & they are left to abandon school from a very young age.

The story. The Mission

The case of Tumbilini village

Tumbilini is a village of more than 800 people, situated in the coastal Southeastern side of Tanzania. As stated previoulsy, access to basic quality education in rural communities remains an elusive right. Thus, students of Tumbilini have to fight their way to attend school daily. It is not only the lack of water or electricity, the issue of low sanitation or this of staff and equipment shortages that prevent children from acquiring the knowledge to seek for a better future; In some cases, as such, it is the actual access per se that discourages them from going to school at all.

Tumbilini village provides with no schooling facility to its young inhabitants, neither a nursery, nor a primary or a secondary school. Moreover, public transport of any kind is inexistent. Hence, children in between the ages of 6-17 are compelled to walk to the nearest villages Gongo and Matwipili, with an existing schooling community, in order to attend classes. This would not be an issue if the distance between the three (Tumbilini-Gongo-Matwipili) was negligible. However, it is not; we are talking about a 14 km route, on a secondary rough road, undertaken under a burning sun, or heavy rain and mud surface during the rainy season, whilst potential malnourishment, health issues or dangers of any kind while walking unprotected into the wild, should also be taken under consideration.

The case of Berlin

Berlin, capital of one of the world’s most powerful economies, access to education is taken for granted. As it should be. At the same time, Berlin is a city with an exceptional public transport system with a high rate of bicycle commuting. Particularly, a developed bicycling infrastructure facilitates around 500.000 bike rides through the city every day.  What people might not know is that in a bike- friendly city like this, a significant number of those bikes is being abandoned by their owners, left aside neglected or forgotten.

Why Bicycle?

The bicycle, a mode of transportation that incorporates efficiency along with fun, exercise and safety,could provide students of Tumbilini village, with the incentive to continue trying.

In other words:

Bike is Transportation

Bike is Exercise

Bike is Independence

Bike is Freedom

Bike is Knowledge

Bike is Mobility

Our aspiration is to utilize the deserted bicycles around Berlin in order to support the students of Tumbilini village. To do so, our team partners in Berlin will be involved to assure the collection of bicycles and spares and their transfer to Dar es Salaam.  Then, AfriBike team in Tanzania will be in charge of distributing them to the village of Tumbilini.  

The AfriBike Project intents to lift the barrier of distance by mobilizing these children in their quest for a better future via the provision of a safe, fun and quick way of transportation, a bicycle. If children become more attentive to school, more focused, and produce better results then, awareness will arise and in turn will bring change and independence.


  • Increase student’s attendance & Improve academic Performance
  • Establish a safe way to school
  • Promote equality. Education is a fundamental right and should be accessible to all regardless geography, class or social status.
  • Eliminate fatigue, tiredness, absenteeism or even worse, school withdrawal
  • Eradicate risks linked with health issues
  • Create opportunity inside the schooling community
  • Encourage them of studying & enhancing their skills
  • Save time to commute which in turn, can be capitalized more creatively
  • Enrich knowledge (via mechanic training to students)
  • Develop self- esteem
  • Enroll a “how to ride a bike” program to assure children’s participation & provide them with extra incentive
  • Partner with the communities to monitor and assure the durability- maintenance of the bicycles


Acquiring Education, children are likely to become skilled, higher paid adults. Educated children have a greater chance of unlocking their potential, cracking the vicious cycle of intergenerational poverty & assist their communities improve their living standards.

Moreover, human development will be promoted and the communities will be able eventually to operate independently whilst providing the youth with fair chances as it should be the case in the first place.

Tumbilini is just the beginning. It is one case among so many others. Setting the grounds and succeeding in Tumbilini will boost us to proceed further.  Afribike aspires to initiate pioneering programs as such for all the people of remote areas like Tumbilini to have access to education and later on even to social services or health facilities. More specifically, students of Gongo village could follow up the example of Tumbilini since those who finish primary school have no access to secondary education. Therefore,most of them abandon school at the age of 12, standing almost no chances in seeking for a better future.

At these point is where you are involved. Afribike's intention and scope is clear. However,even the greatest of intentions could not create miracles. In order for such a project to begin and be completed, assistance is needed. 

All of you, anyone who is aware of our work and shares the same vision with us, believes in equal opportunities for all children around the globe, step up and support AfriBike to realize this initiative. Crowdfunding will pave the way to proceed on this project and hopefully upgrade the lives of those children. 

Every contribution you make will not only be appreciated, but you are going to witness it yourself following us on social media where content of our work will be uploaded every step of the way. Hop on and join us. Let's all give "Children the Wheel to Learn"

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Asante sana,

AfriBike team

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