Give Chance a 2nd chance!

Give Chance a 2nd chance!

From Kevin R. Mitchell

I am reaching out to you on behalf of my beloved nephew, Chance, a remarkable young man who has faced and overcome unimaginable challenges and overwhelming odds in his life, and now desperately needs our support.

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At only 21 months old, Chance was involved in a horrific automobile accident that left him with multiple traumatic brain injuries (TBI), brain stem shearing, significant blunt cranial trauma, and extensive diffuse axonal injury. Doctors initially gave Chance little hope for even short-term survival, much less any degree of ‘recovery’, but Chance is a determined and resolute fighter and has proved them all wrong time and time again for 20 years. He has defied all ‘realistic’ expectations and smashed through all projections and anticipated outcomes, and Chance continues to be an inspiration, and source of joy, light, and love to everyone who knows or meets him.

Despite the unbelievable progress he has made, Chance still faces nearly insurmountable daily challenges. He requires constant medical care, specialized therapies, and adaptive equipment to help him navigate the world around him. The cost of Chance's care is overwhelming, his medical expenses are substantial and ongoing, and his family has sustained devastating physical and financial impacts doing everything they can just to ensure Chance receives even the basic care and support he needs to survive, much less continue to recover.

We are humbly and thankfully reaching out to you for assistance. We have created this Fundly page with the hope that together, we can help Chance thrive. Your generous donations will go directly towards covering Chance's medical expenses, therapy sessions, adaptive equipment, and the myriad other needs that arise as he continues his journey.

Every dollar makes a difference, and no contribution is too small. By contributing to Chance's 2nd Chance, you are not only helping him access and maintain the care he needs, but you are also giving him the chance to live his best life to the fullest. Your support means the world to us and to Chance, and we are incredibly grateful for any help you can provide.

Thank you for taking the time to read Chance's story and for considering a donation. Together, we can make a difference in his life and help him continue to defy the odds.

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