Give a Breast Cancer patient a new life

Give a Breast Cancer patient a new life

From Conrado Espina Calibuyot

Appreciate if you could help, to give me a new life as a 3rd stage breast cancer patient My name is Lee Siew Yong and I’m a PR from Malaysia since 1997. I’ve been working in a small firm as an admin clerk and...

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Appreciate if you could help, to give me a new life as a 3rd stage breast cancer patient

My name is Lee Siew Yong and I’m a PR from Malaysia since 1997.I’ve been working in a small firm as an admin clerk and unfortunately, I was diagnosed with 3rd stage breast cancer in March 2020.I do not have my family here to help me, and with my limited financial, I’ve managed to use some of my medisave for my chemotherapy, along with my insurance, which covers 90% but I will have to pay the remaining in cash. However, reconstruction of breast is not covered by insurance, and I’m seeking help from the kind soul here to help me along with my tumour removal operation.

Currently I'm still undergoing chemotherapy at NCCS (National Cancer Center Singapore), going through 2 type of chemotherapy treatment, and my coming operation will likely be on coming 20 August, and I’m totally running out of money.I hope the public can help me, to be a women again. Chemotherapy has it’s side effect, and after treatment, I will need to consume hormone pills for the next 10 years to avoid relapse, but the pills will have another risk of having cervical cancer, which I’m trying to discuss with the doctors. Furthermore, my right hand won’t be so active due to remove affected lymph node, some side effect is permanent especially right hand is so important I can’t carry heavy stuffs lifetime too.

The cost of operation fee are in 3 parts: Cost for remove tumor only, tumor + lymph nodes, reconstruction, which exclude other charges as informed by costing officer and that’s why I’m trying to raise $50,000.I am very unlucky to contract this cancer at this timing, and due to Covid19, I’m here alone without any family members to help me, to be my pillar of support.The rest of my life, I will need to go for routine check up and live with fear of relapse and a lot permanent side effect especially my right hand will not be active as usual anymore.

I understand covid 19 make everyone a hard time, I sincerely hope to get the help from those kind hearted people.Thank you so much for listen to me and yours kind understanding, be safe and take are always ! Thank you so much for those who give me a hand during this hard time.Funds raised will be managed by Giveasia Kindness and pay directly to the hospital for my medical fees!RegardsLee Siew Yong

诸位先生/女士好,我是新加坡永久居民、来自马来西亚、生于1976。我在这里一间小公司担任文员一职。很不辛的今年新年长假回来后、我被诊断出患了乳腺癌第三期。这是一个晴天霹雳的消息.由于重健乳房是不受保的、所以我希望大家能给我一个”新的胸部”。我的保险只保90%,而且我需要付出$3.5k 现款和共同承担10%的每一张医药單。

化疔副作用也让我长期睡不了压力爆标、因为除了烦恼债务和重健乳房手费用、我还在面对手术恐惧与之后的种种更艰难的考验、尤其covid 19 什么我都要一个人面对、姐姐也无法从jb 来照顾我。所以我需要克服一个人面对手术无人在身边照顾。化疗带来的副作用硬便问题也是困扰、即使喝了软便药水上大号也要”开头慢挤”、有时候太急就肛们留血了。装了CVC port 也让我shower 慢要用桶冲伤口不可湿水、也因为我贴上太多胶皮周遭起水泡发红发痒。chemo 也会让我整身酸痛肚子下疼所以从 Chemo 开始没有一天是可以好睡100%了。我是真的很坚强努力面对问题了。别人都有家人陪着家里也有人照顾。因为chemo 的 Side effect 和将来的后遗症是超出常人可以想象的。我怕手术后会我会接受不了沒了胸了,所以我一直逃避不想见手术医生。目前在新加坡癌症中心(NCCS) 进行十六次化疗我还剩2次。我刚在七月十六日见了手术医生、还是忍不住哭了一整天因为医生告诉我、即使化疗后还是无法保留右乳包括受影响的淋巴手术后还需要电疗至少十多次和做物理治疗。我的世界360度变了!

有时候我对人生真的很失望。即使我年轻时常帮人、去年也把公积金 nominated 给三个慈善机构、和残疾人买tissue 也尽量帮人、上天还是要罚我被骗财骗色又患上癌症...因为我人生身受的创伤真的很深、从2012 还债到2017我如今我做小文员以为今年尾就可以重新做一个快乐女生。上天又对我这么残忍。还不让我有机会成为妈妈(chemo 让我提前收经、要吃十年hormone 药也不可以怀孕的即使还有月经),手术后还有许多后遗症如右手不灵活、下半生也要活在恐惧中害怕复发、两年内还要紧密追踪、到医院检查scan and test ,保险只保一年之后必须自己承担一切费用。大家可以想象从过年开心回来我就要接受这一连串打击。上天真的对我很苛刻...希望有能力的朋友可以帮忙我、完成我刚过的8/7 生日愿望、拥有一个重健的右乳

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